Going to public washrooms!

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Ok so this is definitaly random but anyways.
I have a fear... Well not soo much a fear but i hate when other people can hear me go to the washroom. I'm not afraid of germs or anything in public washrooms just of other peole hearing.
When i'm at a resturant and i have to go i watch the washroom and try and go just as someone is leaving and there's no one else in there.
Even at home if i have friends over if they are upstairs i'll go all the way downstairs just to pee. It's totaly weird. Even if it's my own family. I try and go where the least number of people can hear.
I also hate when there is stuff on the floor be it at home or in a resturant bathroom or at school. You know how there is always toilet paper on the floor in public restrooms. It's creepy. Gross but extremely creepy. I won't go into a stall that has toilet paper on the floor even if it's behind the toilet.
Or like at home or anywhere strings or loos fabric is on the floor or tiny pieces of toilet paper that have acciedentaly been pulled off. It grosses me out.
In general bathrooms creep me out. Even for showers an stuff.

I'm a freak.. i know it. Anyone else have any bathroom related phobias or things that creep them out?

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I'm exactly the same

No, I'm exactly the same. It's not weird at all.


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oh, bathrooms...

i'm not really a squeamish person, but some things are just nasty and inconsiderate. and believe me, in terms of public bathrooms, girls are WAAAY filthier than guys. Yes, there are people of all genders who piss and/or shit and do not flush adequately, or leave toilet paper in places other than the toilet. However, only in the LADIES ROOM will you find a blood-filled toilet bowl with a used tampon floating around, or a blood-stained tampon/pad on the floor. What the fuck do you think those little receptacles in the corner of the stall are for, asshole? The worst is when you see drops of blood on the toilet seat. If that's the only stall available, you have no choice but to wipe off the stranger's menstrual residue and then cover the seat with a layer of toilet paper before you sit on it, or "hover" over the seat while you pee so you don't touch it.
attention GIRLS: periods are a beautiful natural thing, we should all be so proud to be female and bleed in the cycle of fertility and the circle of life and blahblahblah... but PLEASE oh please KEEP IT NEAT AND SANITARY! :-D
OH, and don't get me started on the ADS on the inner doors of the bathroom stalls at my stupid university. The ads are for HERPES and YEAST INFECTION medications... You're peeing and there's this huge poster in front of you with the words "itchiness or rash in your vaginal area", "burning sensation", "discharge that looks like cottage cheese"... I'm all about reproductive health education, but this is just fucking GROSS. :-(

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It's soooo true that female

It's soooo true that female bathrooms are 20x dirty then male bathrooms. The worst thing is when you yourself are on your period and the stupid toilet won't flush and it's full of blood. It's happened to me 3 or 4 times. I just wait until everyone leaves the bathrooms and quickly dart out of the stall so no one can tell i was in it.
Which brings me to another thing. The sound pads make when you open them up. It just grosses me out. I won't open a pad up even in my own house unless everyone is at least a level away.
Some of the ads on inner doors are ok but other ones just make me mad. I know about STD's i don't need some ad teaching me.

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if you think that's bad...

you should see the bathrooms at my camp. There's a layer of mold covering the floor and people leave their stained pads/tampons everywhere, including on the sinks where we're encouraged to get drinking water from. What might bother me more is when they leave the pad/tampon on the lid of the trashcan so you know that they knew about the trashcan but for some reason didn't put it in the trashcan. The showers have no curtains/doors and there are so few showers that you have to share a shower. It doesn't help that the showers are really small. And you have to wear shoes while taking a shower cuz the floor is so disgusting. People at my camp are very open and used to bad facilitys and lack of privacy so that's not considered disgusting.

About the signs on the bathroom walls, yeah, that's kinda wierd. I've seen stuff like that before. Do they really compare it to cottage cheese?!?!??!?!?!?! I think it's a good way to reach people but comparing it to food, that's nasty. I was going to have cottage cheese for lunch today but I think I'll find something else instead.

Also, could someone explain to me why everyone seems to hate it when people hear the sound they make when they use the bathroom but don't mind talking about that sound on the internet where everyone can read it.

One last thing, how do you learn to use a tampon when you're lesbian. I'm afraid of shoving a cotton cork up my ass for the first time without someone there directing me to the proper hole. Then again the idea of a girl pionting out my vagina seems really awkward. So any suggestions.

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I HATE it when menstruating women don't clean up properly

One time when I was in my school bathroom, I saw that some girl had put a pad into the trash can on the side of the stall. The thing is, she hadn't wrapped it in toilet paper. She didn't even try to roll it up. And she had a really heavy flow. God, it was gross.

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public bathrooms

This is, said respectably, an education for me about what goes on in female washrooms in regards to menstrual blood left on toilet seats etcetra. I am not naive I know that not all women are super sweet. But the other extreme is to be ashamed of one's normal bodily functions which is due to high level ignorance which I was a victim of myself. But to say that "the body is fearfully and wonderfully made" and to consider the eyes, skin, ears,.....but not the large and small intestines is in violation with the belief expressed about the body.....as a whole.
I, would rather see public washrooms become unisex being a guy. I would be more at peace knowing that I would not be taken advantage of by male homosexuals who use men's washrooms as a place to "CRUISE" other male homosexuals, which is a form of bias based on gender orientation because a hetrosexual does not have the same right to Cruise for obvious reasons. But male homosexuals here in Quebec are protected by the privacy rights laws that allow them to violate the privacy rights of individuals lke myself because the public washroom is a PUBLIC PLACE and camera surveillance is a NO NO in THESE public places depending on which police officers one talks to. And yes, I have been bisexual so I know what the homosexual guys are about and why they keep on wishing they would be accepted as they are.
In coming back to the shame of one's bodily functions being heard in the performance of their natural biological rhythms such as bowel movements this is a reflection of the negative impacts forced on us by a society telling us how to win "conditional love" leaving us to believe that it is the equivalent of "unconditional love" which is a lie! This is an unnatural thing for society to exact on its' adherants. And I wonder how successful these "moral" authorities are in keeping to their own rules themselves!
So quit the search for conditional love, let your bodies function normally without shame but keep the stalls clean out of respect for he others to follow. This latter condition might be more successfully applied if washrooms BECAME UNISEX because of the wrath of the other gender. And people of both genders would benifit!
PS: Not all apartment buildings are overly sound proof. As a resident in such an apartment dwelling I can easily hear my male neighbor when he is in the process of urinating because the apartments are anything but sound proof AND his washroom is on the other side of the wall separating his bathroom from my livingroom#bedroom(I have moved these two rooms around). If you live in an apartment how soundproof is it?
I have noticed that we judge people in the same way we judge ourselves and that we judge ourselves in the same way we judge others. It is as like eating food from the same food bowl. For judgements to be sound it is imperative to be aware of the truthfulness of the principles that guide our judgements. If the principles are based on false teachings..... from former authority figures for example than they ought to be rejected outright. If they are sound teachings than they are sound for judgements and ought not be discarded. Such is mentionned in Buddhist teachings that I find to be true as a philosophy and reality.

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in japan some of the toilets

in japan some of the toilets will make noises to cover up the sounds. lol. they think of everything here! my big problem is going to urinals...i find it so awkward, espeically if you know the person next to you. are you supposed to talk to them?!?!

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I wish i lived in

I wish i lived in japan!!
And i've always wondered about what guys do like if they know the person next to them. That's definitaly a reason i don't want to be a guy.But then again you guys can pee standing up and aim and everything. Unless you moira/max on the Lword not many girls can do both.

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You're not weird im exactly

You're not weird im exactly like that lol :D Whats really disgusting is once in this gas station bathroom i was on this road trip with my sister and someone had taken a used pad and stuck it to the ceiling. that was disgusting and the toilet seat was covered in rust and pee. now that is not a very sanitary enviroment lol but you do what you have to do. oh and people hearing you "doing your business" is horrible!! its really embarrasing for some odd reason....

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Actually, I RARELY use

Actually, I RARELY use public bathrooms, unless I have to pee. I'm okay with that but if I have to, y'know, I can wait 'till I get home. hah I've only used the toilet a couple times but I wait until everyone is out of there - even if there is a door and stuff.

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I'm a little weird on this

I'm a little weird on this topic, too. But I have to say that I think boys bathrooms are probabably worse than girls'. Mostly for the reason that many men CAN aim, they just choose not to. There is usually pee all over the floor at my school's bathroom. Come all you guys out there, stand closer its shorter than you think.

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I've been into men's

I've been into men's bathrooms several times. They are soo much cleaner... and that's saying alot cuz they aint all that clean. Girls you get blood, pads, tampons, pee on the seats, toilet paper everywhere etc. it's HORRIBLE!

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Yeah, but in guys, every now

Yeah, but in guys, every now and then you find (to put it bluntly) cum on the seat, and that is WAY worse than blood.

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That is a little gross but i

That is a little gross but i dunno i trhink blood is pretty gross.

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This forum seems to have made a case for unisex bathrooms. If guys had tampons to aim at, they wouldn't pee everywhere. Plus, orange is a nice color, so the red and the yellow, fun times...

Of course, it would just be pink for me, since I'm always properly hydrated.

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I hate unisex bathrooms

I hate unisex bathrooms because you get the worst of both worlds. i stayed over in my sisters dorm and they have a unisex bathroom it's SOOOOO gross. And when you forget it's a unisex bathroom and walk in on some guy peeing who didn't lock the stall it's even worse!

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I like that idea hehe... ;-)