Grr for low cut jeans

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Low-cut jeans are very possibly the most uncomfortable thing ever invented!I think I already bitched about them in the BORED forum.But seriously...I don't know why I bought them,let alone decided to wear them two days in a row.Well I know why I have been wearing them two days in a row is because I haven't gotten around to washing any of my other clothes,so yeah they are my last resort.I just hate that when I bend over I show some crack..but anyways thats my little rant on jeans done.

Well I went out with my sister last night,and I sort of had a really good opportunity to come out to her.But I didn't.We went to see a show,and afterwards we were walking up to get a bus(which was a good 30 minute walk).As we were walking along we were chatting,and then we came around to the question of "So who do you have a crush on?".I tried to brush off by saying "well at the moment no one".But she kept poking and was like oh come on everyone likes someone.So I said it doesn't matter anyways.Which she took as a yes there is a someone.Which is correct,but it is a girl.I was thinking ok I could just casually mention now.I was thinking of saying something like yeah I like (insert girls name) but I just couldn't.I sort of froze amd just eventually managed to move the conversation in another direction.I think I froze a little because I hadn't really planned on doing it last night,and also we wouldn't have had a whole lot of time to talk about it if I had of said it because she was going to catch her bus and I had to get mine.But otherwise I could have.But it is progress however small.I used to just randomly name some guy I'd know when she would ask before.So at least I didn't completely lie.

Okies well that is all I have to report at the moment.So laterz Oasians.


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A) I can't stand low-cut

A) I can't stand low-cut pants! With clothes, I won't buy them unless they feel comfortable. I'm extremely particular about that. But I have a few pairs of what I consider low-cut (Technically, they're not. Because all girls pants/jeans are low-cut in my opinion..) because they're older, and this was before I discovered the miracle that is boys jeans! XD

B) Coming out to people seems difficult at first but the more you come out to people, the easier it gets. Don't worry too much about it, it'll happen when it does. Good luck!

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Ugh jeans in general are

Ugh jeans in general are uncomfortable- I've got no idea why people like them so much. And low cut jeans just feel like they're falling down all day long. I haven't worn a pair of jeans since November (which I only remember because it was the Les Inc farewell gig- not because I'm some type of jean obsessed loon).

Also coming out is horrible and loads of good opportunities pass you by because it's just so difficult to get the damn words out. There's no rush; when you need to tell her you'll be able to. And by that time everyone will have guessed anyway (or at least they'll prentend they did).

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Actually, when I came out to

Actually, when I came out to my friends, nobody told me that they guessed it... Which is really weird, because I've never acted straight once since I was like, 11. XD

Hey! I like my jeans! As long as they're boys jeans. I don't like the girls ones, they used to be okay, but now they're too low-cut and tight-fitting. D: (I agree, low-cut pants always feel like they're falling down. Makes me insane. X_X)

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"jean obsessed loon" thats

"jean obsessed loon" thats funny!I have now taken the jeans off and am comfortably wearing pj's.I have banished the jeans to the wash the hope they never return!

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What about girls in tight

What about girls in tight jeans?

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Don't worry you'll get another chance to come out to her, it's never easy to come out unplanned. I still haven't managed to come out to my sister either, my latest excuse is us never having time alone.. but I can still see myself chickening out even when we do eventually get time. And the jeans thing, I hate picking something up or getting out of a lowered car.. it's just not nice for the people behind ya.