Hands Eyes Lips Arms

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You’ve vanished,
You’ve forgotten.
You’ve learned to waste miles
Just like you waste hearts.
You’ve gone so far away
The roads all know your name.
I wish I never did.
Hands eyes lips arms.

The photographs ensure
That I can still trace
Every curve of your face
In my mind’s pathetic race
To reclaim you.
But I’ll never relive
The golden friction
Of your skin against mine.
No punishment can eclipse that.
Hands eyes lips arms.

I’m a hostage of the heart
With no chance of deliverance.
You took my freedom
The first time our eyes engaged,
The first time I saw your face
And discovered beauty’s why.
Rose petal chains,
Will you ever release me?
Hands eyes lips arms.

You thief, give back my heart.
You bastard, unhand my hopes.
They were never meant for you
And were never meant to die.
You’re love’s greatest criminal
And you don’t even know.
Hands eyes lips arms.

Hands eyes lips arms,
You mock me with
Your very existence,
The very beauty that birthed you.
I pray to every star
In the sky and in your eyes
They’ll never strike again;
There’s only so much poison
Sweet innocence can take.
This is goodbye.
I hope I never see
Your hands eyes lips
Or goddamn arms again.


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Msquared, your poetry is

Msquared, your poetry is amazing...

Courage is contagious... be strong, and soon you won't be standing alone.

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i really like this :) it

i really like this :) it describes a similar situation to my own at the minute