I didn't fall off the face of the earth, I swear...

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Whoa! So it's been forever since I was on here...My entire world has changed...The person I had been with for almost 2 years, I broke up with them...It was one of thos long over due, just can't let go things. I dunno. We had broken up so many times and gotten back together that it was almost normal...Except this time, it feels different...Something has changed...I won't be going back to her...So I'm dating somebody else now...Her name's Shelby...There were several subtle referenses to her in other journal entries...I've liked her for a long time...And finally...TADA...We just clicked...And I asked her out at like...2 Am on Monday...I've been on spring break all week...So lets see what my week was like...Friday: Went to TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) with Shelby, Adriane, Bret, Cody, Lana, Colin and Ian. Saturday: Went to a part at Shelby's and saw all of my friends again...Sunday: Shelby and I spent the night at Adriane's...Spent the entire night in each others arms sharing secrets and I asked her out early Monday morning...Monday: Ran errands and babysat my adorable brother and sister...Tuesday: Went shopping and got cute shoes! I ♥ shoes of all kinds. Wednesday: I got a massage cuz my dad gave my mom and I gift certificates for Christmas...The most amazing 1/2 hours of my life...But then I was all sleepy when I went to the movies with Shelby. We saw Meet the Robinsons...We keep seeing little kid movies...It keeps us young I guess...We wandered around the towne center and watched the fire men practice in the parking lot behind Target and went to the book store and target...We wandered around every aisle of Target...and just acted like little kids, holding hands and stealing kisses at random times. Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday are just days in the way of Monday when I see her again...I'm so happy. It's weird in an amazing, fantastic way. Shelby's off at Sakura-Con so I won't see her until Monday. But I miss her...We talk in a random mix-up of English, Japanese, French and Spanish...Our conversations are sometimes hard to follow...God...I love this girl...



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You guys sound like a cute little couple =]
I'm glad things are well in that department.

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U & Shelby do sound like a sweet couple!

Good for you for moving on from your ex to something better. I know letting go is hard, I'm still working on getting over my ex :-S
Well you know what they say, the best way to get over the old girl is to get under the new one! heehee :o)
How was TMNT? I so totally want to see that! I kinda grew up with the Turtles... I ♥ those boys! Michaelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael... OH yeah! XD

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ha i like your language

ha i like your language thing. Very cute :)


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