I feel great! Now I'm gonna be Silent.

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It's been a long, long time since I've paid a visit to Oasis. About seven months, if my guess is correct. But ever since I started an account here in the summer of 2006, my life turned into something that I can actually live in everyday. I don't coast by on autopilot anymore.

Since timidly testing the waters of gay youth support on this website, I have become nearly free in my daily life, and I become more free everyday. I confronted buried feelings that summer. But again, I'm really breaking out and I feel better about myself than ever before!

I've come out to my mother, father, step-father, brother (and his girl friend), six of my dearest friends at school-- a HUGE feat considering how bigoted and conservative my high school is, and a few near-strangers (mostly at my awesome summer writing camp-- they are all still great friends!).

Honestly, I've become a new person. I love me for who I am, and my confidence has increased beyond belief. Now if I can just get a boy friend... but alas, I'm stuck in Iowa.

I do, however, plan to participate in the Day of Silence. Check it out by clicking the picture.


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I don't remember you (maybe you signed up during my off time from Oasis), but congratulations for all the steps you've taken.

Summer writing camp? Definitely cool! I did that a few years ago at Walnut Hill. Where'd you go?

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