I hate to be pessimistic...

But is there any chance this won't be awful? Thoughts?

This is the new movie, "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry," with Adam Sandler and Kevin James. The synopsis: "Two heterosexual firefighters pose as a gay married couple in order to quality for their department's domestic partner benefits." "Comes out" in July. (Inside joke: even their trailer music isn't out of the closet).


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Yeah. Uhm, that's gonna be horrible.

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I don't know what to feel

I don't know what to feel about this movie. It's something different (at least to me) so I may watch it. But, it kinda feels like it's mocking gay men in a way.

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it doesnt sound like itll be

it doesnt sound like itll be that great of a movie, but what adam sandler movie is?

i saw this trailer the other day though for a gay film that looked interesting:


you should check it out.

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Should be reviewed on Oasis soon. The DVD is on top of my TV.


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oooooooooh. i

i reallllllllllllllllllly want to see it.

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That movie looks

That movie looks interesting...
Now i have 2 more movies i want to see.

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This looks a lot like Blades of Glory. Has anyone seen the trailer to that movie? It's about two male skaters who, after getting into a fight with each other in the middle of a competition and accidentally light a man on fire while doing so, are banned from men's figure skating for life. However, they discover that there's a loophole in the rules; they can still skate...as long as they do so as a couple. What, are comedies where straight men act "gay" trendy now or something?

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I'll probably go and see it

I'll probably go and see it because i have a thing for Jessica Biel and well Adam Sandler is absolutly hilarious. However i do feel it's making a mockery of gay men but i could be wrong it could be deeper then that. I shall have to wait to see it.

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I just like the trailer b/c it has Mika's song Grace Kelly. haha. but oooomg I want to see Wild Tigers SO MUCH! it looks great.

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It's and adam sandler movie of course it will be awful

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