i think he likes me....

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so... i asked this guy i like, E, if he'd come to my birthday party even if he didnt know anyone there (he goes to a different school), and he said of course....

then he said he'd wear a tie, and i said he didnt have to, but he really likes ties apparently....

i told him he needed a flower that squirts water... and he said a potted flower....

and it somehow turned into this:

he's coming to my party in a black FBI style suit, with black sunglasses, and is going to be suspiciously walking around carrying a wrapped up potted flower for my present :)

i love him... hes so amazing... i hope he asks me out sometime :)


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that's cute.
happy b-day babe!

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actually, my bday isnt till

actually, my bday isnt till may haha, my party is may 19th, we just happened to be talking about it, now im super duper excited tho XD

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Sounds like he digs on you a bit