i was scared to hell...

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all because of a drink...

About 12 am when we were at my cousin's house my dad and my cousins started to drink. I was in a battle between my head and my body. To drink or not to drink was the question. Guess who won? Yeap my body. But i surprised even myself that i only drank like 2 cups. I had a plastic cup and my dad was pouring the Old English beer that they had into it...i seriously did not like it. tasted like...EUGHHH lol.

I stopped after the 2nd cup. Moreso because all the things that my driver's ed teacher taught us about the effects of alcohol was popping into my head, but a little because i was getting buzzed a little faster than i usually do. probably because the last time i drank...was in January. I was observing my cousin's because they were drinking the whole bottle and i noticed that it affected them a lot, emotion wise.

We played poker and they got into an argument about how my cousin couldn't beat me with a Jack & a 3 'cause i had a Queen & an eight. I was buzzed by this time and really out of it and totally didn't care about the game...i really didn't want to play either, but they wanted another person. so i played.

It wasn't much of a good night. I wanted to go home. Plus i was hungry lol. (like i am now) I got mad though. 'Cause my cousin grabbed his keys and i was like "your not driving are you?" and he said no and that he was gonna smoke a ciggarette. i believed him. but a few minutes later when i was on the phone with one of my friends (mind you. it was 2 in the morning) and i looked out the window and saw that the car was gone. Frickin guy. i was mad 'cause if he needed to go anywhere...i could've drove him.

I found out later. At 'bout 3 that he went to town to his girlfriend. my other cousin was pissed too 'cause he had to pick up his mom with that car and also because he didn't tell them. irking i say.

I didn't get to bed (my cousin's couch lol) until almost 4 this morning. & i was scared that i wasn't gonna wake up in time 'cause i had my 1st driving lesson this morning at 11:30. but i did. i actually got up at 6...went back to sleep and got up at 8.

My lesson went pretty well. i lovee' driving. i think i did good. my teacher didn't say anything about my driving, but i knew some things i need to work on. my other two group members weren't that bad either. although they are brother and sister...the sister was super nervous and panicked a little, but my teacher was very calm and cool. he calmed her down a little and it went pretty fine...in my eyes.

I can't wait until next weekend for our next lesson. We're going farther now. Not at the school anymore, but actually farther lol. i don't know how far it actually is...that's why i just keep saying that it's farther haha.

Well. idk. what else to say. i'm hungry but i don't want to go outside. i'm gonna see how long i can wait...hopefully they all go to sleep early which i doubt since it's only 8 right now. blah. hopefully.

okie. well. later gators :)


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Aww I can't wait to learn to

Aww I can't wait to learn to drive! My sister just got her license that allows her to drive by herself with the time limits and people limits... it's cool because we can just go out and get some ice cream; we don't need to convince my dad to take us. =P

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Ooh, have fun driving! ~May

Ooh, have fun driving!

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD