I'm back but not for long

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ok ppl im back but like i said not for very long. just a little update im still dating chloe its been over four months, im going to a big hotel and amusement park on the 28-30 so that will be like totally awesome my mom might even get to go YAY ME. She gets out on the third and i move in around july or august. my bff hasnt talked to me in like forever so i snaped on her today and she said that the reasong she wasnt talking to me was cuz i was a prep and really im not yeah im friends with jazzy and ashley but i love them like sisters, that dont make me a prep or popular i could never be one. im kinda pretty but hardly and come on how pretty and/or popular can one get when they weigh like 166 lbs. well i gotta go chicas y chicos, buh bye luv yall