i'm going crazy...

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...and it's tiring me out!

i am so tired. i can barely stay up nowdays. i'm actually surprised right now that i'm even on the computer seeing as how at 5 in the afternoon yesterday i put the computer on and immediately fell asleep before i even got to log on. i didn't even wake up until 1, 3, and then 6 this morning lol. yeash 3 different times i kept waking up.

ok. let me go through what's been happening:

*March 19 - March 30
- Drivers Ed (8:00 - 10:00)
- Work (2:45 - 8:00)
(i went to work straight from school, so i practically worked from 11 when i have to clock in...not much sleep)

*March 31
- Today was the stores LAST DAY! :( now i'm unemployed lol.
(i miss my coworkers, the customers, and the money XD although for working sooo damn much imma have a very good last paycheck lol.)
- JUNIOR PROM!!! (5:30 - 11:00)

Prom. my first prom. i got sick the day before & was still sick on prom day. i was cranky and congested...not a good combo. i knew it was gonna be not a bad day, but not a very good day when i forgot my camera before getting into the limo and my friend already left her house. so sad. our ride there was pretty good, but when we got in the hotel people were at our table that weren't supposed to be there and they gave us dirty looks (i matched their looks) and i got mad lol.

yeash. i was super cranky because of that. the next thing that got me mad was the fact that my friend, Kris who said she was gonna dance and take pics with us...didn't but spent that time being all freaky with her bf (get a room) and my other friend, lei who was also sick had her bf calling her every 10 mins so it ruined things when we were dancing, she was getting off the floor every damn 10 mins...which once again got me irked.

this was prom. a day everyone...mostly everyone. well. I looked forward too ('cause honestly i never thought i'd make it to any of my proms) and i was sick and mad. i can't say i didn't enjoy it because there are friends who actually was happy and made it worth while...so props to them :)

I have pics...imma put it up in my next post :)


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i am so proud of you... i am

i am so proud of you... i am so surprised that you didn't fall asleep at work
iC'est moi.. I am a bisexual and proud of it

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Wow, things didn't turn out

Wow, things didn't turn out to be a dream come true, but I'm happy that you still see the good that came out of it :D Sorry that your friends were being cottonheaded-ninnymuggins, but next year will be better, yeah? At least better than my prom...I ain't going! Hahahaha. Oh, next year, I can so fly there and drag you to your prom in a giant squash and put electrical colors on your friends so if they stop dancing I'll shock them! Ha. Anyway, I can't wait for the pics :)

Oh, being unemployed sucks. I know because that's been me for the past...um....my whole life. I had a job once, but they went out of business a couple of weeks after I started, so I know how much it sucks to be getting into the job and they're like, "oh, well, sorry that you're good and no one's done anything bad, but you have to go." Well, have fun being free until your next job.

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD