IMVU Yay, another place to talk

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I found such a neat place to talk, chat, exchange ideas, and such. It is a chat room, but so unlike any that i found before. Here i can see who i am talking to and interact with them. No not their pic, not a cam, but a avaitar type of thing, a sim if u will. i choise a body type, a hair style, clothing to ware, and so on until i had a person who looked like me looking back at me on the monitor. It was so cool. Then i clicked on the chat now button. WOW was i supprised. A furry person was chatting with me and i could see her. I was astounded by what i saw. Totally radical to me. I found that there were youth clubs, gay clubs, womens clubs and more. That i could jump, dance, wave, and even kiss and hug the person i was talking to. I could never do that in MSN or yahoo. But here I could experience a more interesting, and fulfilling chat. Yeah the idiots who hate us are there, just like any where we go and chat. But the main diff was i could actually hit back. I kicked this one bigot in the nads. Ha Ha so sweet to see HIM bend over and be in pain. I educate so many there on just who I am and what it is like to be GAY! I have opened many minds. And tried to open many more, and may have done so.

I have chatted to ppl from France, Germany, Egypt, Japan, China, USA, Canada, Mexico and well,from all over the world. I found gays, str8, bi, les, trans, Furrys, Winged creatures, Dogs, cats, lions, and so many other type of personalities out there that i did not know existed before. I have talked politicts, health, money, sex, cooking, and other topics like never before.
This is starting to sound like and advertisement, ha ha.
But these are my true feelings, and that is a lot from an old man
My son. David is on IMVU, he is 16, and gay also. He use's the most unusuial nick name of Davidsboner to chat with and to be represnetive of him . Ha Ha , what a nickname. I still use my regular one of Oldfoxbob. I have enjoyed talking there
seeing others as they want to be seen by the world. I am not saying join, but if u read this and do join, send me a message that u did. And u can use me as the first chat and ill teach ya how to do things that u cant learn any other way. Love Ya guys, gals. TTL as they say in chat.
Bye bye


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Sounds cool. Might have to

Sounds cool. Might have to check it out.

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lol Sounds like fun. Courage

lol Sounds like fun.
Courage is contagious... be strong, and soon you won't be standing alone.