in desperate need of advice

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so i just broke up with my girlfriend of about 10 months. it was my decision for various reasons but it still sucks. it was my first real relationship and i was kind of inexperienced in the field, so i fell pretty hard for this girl. i still love her but i really need to let her go. none of my friends know about our relationship because she wasnt comfortable with others knowing, so theres really no one i can turn to. what can i do/ how can i cope with the breakup?

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Letting it out I believe is

Letting it out I believe is the best way to cope. Either it be with a trusted friend, adult, school counselor, or even us at Oasis, but I believing sharing the pain lets it leak out little by little. So, we're all here for you, so whatever you need to say is good.

Um...also a big social event with your friends, even if it's going out with your friends for a movie and/or a pizza. Just know people care helps a lot. I hope that helped.

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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Ever try running track?
Some form of vigorous exercise like running usually helps me.
It just gets it all out.

I decided to take a peek in the closet.
What a suprise to find myself hiding inside!

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What should i do

OK it was last september and i was camping with my best frined melissa and we were having a good time down at the beach. the sun was setting and it looked so beautiful i felt as if i was in love for the first time. when we walked back to the campsite her briother was there (my sisters boyfriend) and he asked me to talk to him and well we would you know talk and laugh. when we lived at my grandfathers we would always fight and hated the sight of each other.... but untill that day that i kissed him and felt so relived and so free.... i have not fought with him well my problem is that well i cant stay away from him no matter how hard i try i just cant because the sight of him makes me warm inside..... do you know what i could do to keep away from him and let him live his life with my sister and his 3 month old son....

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should i get the test

For the years that i was 8 months untill i was 11 i belived that this guy was my dad then i was told that he was not.... so i asked my mother to greet me with my father and when i met him it was not what i expected he never talked to us wants to know things about us as far as im conserned my dad does not even know what my favorite color is..... now seven years later i was told in a matter of 3 year about 100 times that i am not the father that i belive is my dad.... now there are things that lead me to this.... my grandparents treat me like crap..... my dog does not even like my dad.... i do not look like my sister...... i am taller lighter skin, very funny and we have nothing the same excepte the things that we both inheritage from our mom i have asked my mother and she keeps telling me yes he is your dad but then i get told that some guy asked my mom about my dad and i that she did not even answer so now i am going to ask you should i spend $530.00 on a test that could just turn out to be that i am his daughter and waist that money....