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So i just got my industrial pierced like 2 hours ago and i relized that when you chew gum it moves your ear which kinda hurts.... But i L.O.V.E it its amazing and also the first hole rly didnt hurt but the second one hurt like a bitch whats up with that but yea i got to go clean it so i dont forget later bye oasians


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um.. a lil' question here.

what's an "industrial"? is that the top part of your ear?

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Do you have to avoid wearing tight pants for a few days, until your industrial heals?


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she didn't pierce her privates jeff! :-O whatever are u suggesting? XD

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ahh when i got mine done the second hole hurt hella much, but it stopped hurting after about a week. the gum chewing thing: you get used to it. thats about all i can say. it's a pain at first, but its something you definitely get used to.