it took a trip on ecstasy

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for it to finally happen.
fuck. thank fucking god.
excuse the swearing. i'm actually in a terrible mood right now.
i just punched a hole in my bedroom wall.
yes, i have anger issues.
lets not get into that.

wednesday was ANZAC day.
which is a public holiday for us Aussies, cause of the battle in WWI.

so, me and three of my friends went out on tuesday night.
nothing went to plan at first.
then we ended up getting four pills of ecstasy.
drugs are bad. do not do them
on second thuoght, its your life, do whatever the hell you like =]

my ubercrush+friend with benefits T came along.
it was just us two from about 6 till 12.
so somewhere between 8-10 i got really drunk.
to the point of stumbling.
it was also raining, and cold, and dark.
we made out in a hut. or gazebo/whatever you wanna call them.
that was nice. but i was too drunk to really recall it properly.
we then walked around alot.
met our other two friends at 12:20
and at around 1 we took the pills.
they kicked in later.

and i'm too grumpy+tired to get into details.
but tripping on that, and peaking in the park with a playground and glowsticks and friends... fuck. i'd do it over and over again for the rest of my life if i could. that feeling, i've never felt such an amazing escape from life. it was indescribable.

T and i were being all kinda couple-ish.
and my two friends. we'll call them C and M (both girls, both straight) had picked up on it.
me and T were standing over a light (it made us feel like god, the greatest feeling on earth, it felt like we were ontop of the world. literally)
and our noses were touching and we were just looking at eachother talking about random shit.
and it got to about how we've liked eachother for almost a year now.
and gone through girlfriends and boyfriends and alot of shit, and liked eachother through it all.
and she called me perfect.
called me.
She touched played with my hair and called it perfect.
She touched my cheek and ran her hand along my face and called it perfect.
She looked into my eyes and called them perfect.
Fuck, she really is amazing =]]
She said something about how if she asked me out i'd say no.
and that she'd thought she wasnt good enough for me.
She walks along with this aura that places her above everyone else.
And yes, other people feel/see/think it too.
She's one of those people that naturally seems to be above everyone else, she just carries herself like that. its not just me that thinks it =p
and she, thought she wasnt good enough?
the girl thats too good for almost everything. I couldnt believe she'd said that.
I told her it was the opposite, I'd never felt good enough for her.
Not pretty enough, fun enough, 'alternative' enough, 'cool' enough, nothing.
She said i was, she said I was perfect the way I was, and we talked about how I'd drunkenly asked her out once to win a bet and she said yes so she wouldnt lose the bet.
then somehow (too tired to properly recall and type) there was a silence soon after, and we had our arms around eachother, still.
Then she moved her hands up onto my cheeks and looked me in the eyes, and she said "will you go out with me?"
i remember something inside of me warming up, something sparking, something amazing like the sun bursting inside of me.
a huge grin spread across my face and i said YES.
we kissed, it was perfect. the rain had stopped just a few minutes earlier.
I can't believe it, even now.
We talked and giggled about being girlfriends now. made promises like "it has to last more than seven days at LEAST, or its just lame =P"
and continued being mushy and uberhappy on drugs =]
and then C and M, who had been having their own conversation shouted out "LOOK, GUYS WE DONT CARE! GO OUT ALREADY WE DONT CARE! LOVE IS LOVE!" and T and me didnt know what to say so we tried to act all clueless and whatnot
and then me and T jumped away from eachother screaming NOOOO! NO NO NO!
(that's just a wayy weird thought. plus, no sex for me till new years =] i made it my resolution after the start of my year..)
and then we all closed in and said random stuff.
then i looked across to T, who was standing to my left (as always. i have this thing with having to stand on the right hand side)
and she said "should we tell them?"
and im like "i dunno :S?"
and shes like "can we trust them?"
and C and M started yelling saying "YES YOU CAN, WHATEVER IT IS WE WONT SAY ANYTHING"
and T looked me in the eyes and slid her hand into mine, and we both knew what to say as smiles leapt across our face, ear to ear.
in perfect unison, we said "[insert eachothers names here] is my girlfriend" and smiled even more (if that was even possible)
then we looked at eachother and C and M started going CRAZY.
Jumping and screaming and smiling almost was much as T and I were!
C was like "OMGGG SINCE WHEN!?"
and T squeezed my hand and said "Since about five minutes ago!! =D"
And we all jumped around and squealed and hugged excessively (if there is such a thing!)
which was kinda creepy.
and oh god this entry was long :|
but we did, then pulled away realizing how creepy that moment was. lol

Ackk. I'll write another entry later on when I can be bothered :|
It'll involve the next day and yesterday afternoon+night when we went into town after school and she came over for a few hours =]

So content and just... yeah. content with life right now =]


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dude, even if it was the drugs or the beer...

that is still coolk that ur friends were cool like that.

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thats great!!! congratulations! i hope it all goes well :D (and im sure it will)

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OMG, that is so cute! Aw,

OMG, that is so cute! Aw, you hooked up AND your friends were totally happy about it. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. SO CUTE!

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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cute story :)

cute story :)