kinda confused about something...

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i have been trying to fill out applications lately and have had a few asking me if i have ever worked or been in school under any other name or ss number. i had my name legally changed a year ago, and i am pretty much stuck with what to put. i know that i cant lie on an application, and i dont want to be out as trans at work. anyone have any clue?

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Me personally

I'm not trans but I would just lie. A lot of people are not very accepting of that kind of thing and could be pretty critical of it. The only thing that could happen if they find out your lying (I don't know how they could) is that they could talk ill of you to other companies your applying for, but in that case just don't put that previous company on any future resumes. But of course its purely your choice of what to do but like I said I would just lie.

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I disagree with shadow fire

I disagree with shadow fire (sorry) but lying on an aplication is techncally forgery, which is of course illegal. I'd say your best bet is to put your legal name, and request the information not be shared, as they legally have to protect your privacy. When you start at your job, just introduce yourself as your old name.

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there is no way in hell i

there is no way in hell i would introduce myself as my old name, it will never happen. my name is legally scott now, but it asks if i have ever worked or been in school under any other name

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if you have changed it legally i think you should find out if you have to put it down our not (from the government not from the prospective job) as if they are doing police checks the check can still track your previuos work if you have changed your name legally. i think it's if you have gone by another name unofficially you have to put it down. you should find out - i dont know about in the USA but if you can change your gender legally on your birth certificate then they should never find out you are trans. if you havent got that changed though they will they find out anyway as all jobs ask to see your birth certificate.

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I hate to say this, but you

I hate to say this, but you have to put it, legally speaking you want to answer all of the questions truthfully. How dramatic a name change are we talking about?
yes...yes...I see....