Lesbians 2X as likely to be obese?

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Here's the scientific study on it. While there will be an initial impulse to debunk this, I think there is also some merit to looking into it. It's something that is often joked about, but no one explores the root cause, really.

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I think it's true. Like i go

I think it's true. Like i go to WNBA games all the time i look around the women that i see (that are obviously lesbians cuz there sitting right next to another women who looks like a lesbian) but they are all bulkier. I'm obese. One of my other lesbian friends is bulkier not obese but over weight. So i think it's true but not always the case i also know many lesbains who are skinny, the lesbians who sit right in front of me my friend brit and ellen DG

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That's an interesting point.

That's an interesting point. The researchers should take this one step farther, an figure out why this is true. My explanation is this (remember that I'm not a doctor or even near it): Eating releases endorphins into your blood stream, which make you feel happy/oblivious, almost like a drug. So, eating makes you happy, and let's face it, the majority of queers don't live the happiest lives, so eating cheers us up, and we eat a lot. That's my idea, anyway... I just realized how little sense that makes, but oh well.

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Well, I'm not drastically overweight but I'm not exactly thin...

I noticed that when I fully accepted myself as lesbian I started gaining weight, but I thought it was because I felt more relaxed and okay with who I was so I didn't have to stress about staying thin to make my mom happy with me. You see, she always wanted a girly girl which is not me. So she could be proud of me, I lost weight and started wearing fancy stuff like aeropostle, but later accepting myself as lesbian I felt okay with who I wanted to be so I still shop at aeropostle but instead I get my clothes out of the male section :p I feel it's okay that I gained a little weight as long as I don't go way overboard.

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all the lesbians i know are

all the lesbians i know are skinny vegan/veggie types. either that or they're super butch and work out a lot. i know a bi woman who's overweight, but i also know a lot of straight women who are overweight. i think a lot of it depends on where you're from too... middle america tends to be more overweight than nyc, because in nyc everyone walks everywhere.

it's also important to keep in mind that correlation does not equal causation. i also wonder how many of the 6000 women they surveyed identified as lesbian, how they selected women to participate in the study, and whether or not their results have been replicable.

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this is so shocking...

and i don't even get it. i'm thinking about all the girls that i know personally, and the proportion of overweight straight girls is higher than the proportion among the gay girls.
there have been times in my life when i was a little chubby, and i hated it. but now my weight is average and i feel better about myself. i like when people say my figure is sexy. i don't want chicks to want me only for my body, but i do want to be confident in how my body looks and feels. i respect people with different body types, but i just don't find fatness attractive in myself or others. having a little chubby tummy can be cute, but being significantly overweight/obese is something completely different.
i really don't get what weight has to do with sexual orientation. at least in my case. since coming out, i'm the slimmest i've been in years. oh, and i don't weigh myself, i don't even have a scale. i'm always hungry and i eat a LOT. i'm just not out of control.

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Personally, I'm a toothpick.

Personally, I'm a toothpick. But I'm also vegan. (Then again, my dad is vegetarian and he's overweight.) It's not like I don't eat a lot.. I'm just skinny anyways.

But, out of all of the people I know is no pattern of overweight vs. non overweight in correlation with sexual orientation. Some people are small, and some people aren't. But it seems that way with everyone.

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I'm not really sure how credible this study is. I mean, what kind of women are taking part in this study, and who's being left out? How about all of the straight women who get married, have a bunch of kids, and gain weight? I don't know many lesbians, but of those few I do know, none are overweight. Also, I can speak for myself and I'm skinny, skinny, skinny (well, not anorexic- toothpick-model-size 0 skinny), even though I eat like a PIG. Since I've begun to realize my sexuality I have gained weight, but it's not related to gayness. It's related to me growing up and becoming CURVIER!!! *smiles*
And how about all the lesbians in third world countries? Of course they couldn't take them into account; so how can you make a statement saying 'lesbians are twice as likely to be overweight' when you're only researching a North American sampling that seems to be biased?

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welll i think im bi...

Well i think im bi, but i like girls more WAY SO MORE! then guys, lol. So if i were to be a lesbian, then i would have to say, that's so not true! Most of the girls i know that are lesbians are either a size 8 - 10. Oh and most of them (including me) have suffered from n eating disorder, so gaining weight, it would jolt a relapse, where as losing weight, would jolt a bitchy visit to the mean doctor! lol.

so for alot of lesbians, they can't afford the choice to go in the 'fat zone' ( i love those words! haha)

BBesides, being fat, it's a horrible look. I feel sorry for those that are overweight. But im never mean to them. Nuh-uh.


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women often understand better the difficulty in always trying to be a perfect look so lesbian partners are more likely to be accepting of overweight partners. this may lead to women putting on weight as, unlike straight women, they dont always have to worry about impressing a man.

--i used to be a tomboy, now im a full grown lesbian--

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To quote the beloved

To quote the beloved Prophets of FSM, global warming has increased as the number of pirates go down. Therefore, that is cause of global warming--lack of pirates. So if we all dress up in stripes with eye patches and start saying "Argh, matey!" global warming will lessen.

Just saying...correlation does not equal cause and effect.

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I've been noticing alot of

I've been noticing alot of people have been talking about how much they eat and how much they weigh like they eat a ton and are skinny.
It seems as if your implying that all fat people or obese or overweight people eat a lot. Alot of the people myself included who are overweight or obese don't eat that much and when we go it's stuff that's good for us and we excercise regularly. But then there are those ones who eat a ton and don't excerices and are huge.

But i don't think necessarily that weight is related to sexuality. It can be linked but isn't always the case.


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I think the reason people

I think the reason people say that is because we're pointing out the lack of eating-disorder-ness. (That's why I said it anyways.) People seem to assume *cough*my grandma*cough* that I must eat nothing because I'm vegan and skinny. So I get kind of used to pointing out that it's not the case beforehand. ^^;

Weight has to do with metabolism more than quantity. And what you eat. And all that kind of thing varies with things like climate and location and genetics and things.

I think that lesbians might be overweight more because they probably have a better self-image in general. So they don't go on all of these diets just to loose weight. (Not all of course. I'm sure some do.)

Personally, I wish people would just forget about weight in general and just worry about being healthy. A healthy overweight person looks a lot better than someone who is a "good" weight, but isn't healthy. *nod* Health isn't as closely related to weight as people seem to think it is.

... That was a long comment. ^^'

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It would be interesting to see the break down of the data into age catagories.

I know lots of girls who diet constantly to impress boys and each other. Mostly each other. Straight girl competition is vicious. You certainly don't eat all the pies unless you want fat friend status. If you're a lesbian you can opt out of straight girl competition.

Medically I'm not overweight, I'm not a skinny bitch by any means. But the thing is I have honoury fat friend status anyway because basically I'm a bit of a enuch. Court jester. I don't count. Ergo I can eat cake.

Once you're of a certain age and spoken for (not least once you've had babies) then I doubt there's that much difference.

Which is why I'd like to see the breakdown of the data by age.

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lol im a lesbian and im fat

lol im a lesbian and im fat so it makes sense ;) just kidding but i am overweight and trying to lose some pounds. this study seems to be a bit short and doesnt really explain how it was done. i would like to know ages or whether or not they just went to a section of a town where a lot of lesbians were known to live and look for obese people. that would be a horrible way to do it.

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I would question the

I would question the reliability of this survey (who did they survey, when, where ,etc.). For example, there is a genetic disease called Jacob's syndrome, when someone has XYY instead of XY. They did a study and it showed people with this disease were more likely to be aggressive. Later it turned out they were interviewing prison inmates.

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weird. most of my friends

most of my friends that are lesbian are thin, some underweight.
I think alot of it does have to do with age though. i do see alot of older lesbian couples who are overweight.

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if lesbians are getting fat and gay men have to stay skinny, it seems the obvious problem in the equation is MEN!

Attending an Indigo Girls concert proves this study has some merit, though. I was once at a show where the girl next to me bought two orchestra seats and used the armrest like a thong.


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ah, worst visual ever! well,

ah, worst visual ever! well, maybe not 'ever', but that was pretty bad.

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that was a REALLY horrible

that was a REALLY horrible visual... THANKS ALOT!

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Yep, we're the problem, not

Yep, we're the problem, not the solution. Oh well. I like being a guy too much to change (no offence). There was this one time a really fat woman accidentally tried to sit on my brother at the movies. Lol. It was funny as hell.

"A friend is someone who bails you out of jail; a best friend is someone who stands in the cell next to you and says 'that was freakin' awesome'"
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