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This is one of those entries where nothing major is happening with me,but I just kind of feel like writing.So yeah,I've recently made a couple of new friends,and inevitably the whole "so have you got a boyfriend?" thing comes up.So I give my usual reply of no,nobody at the moment.Then the usual stab of oh shit new friends=more people to need to tell.But I will get to do it eventually in good time.My only major problem at the moment is that one of my new found friends is trying to set me up with one of her friends so as I will have a boyfriend,and we will be all cutsie couple like.Its a nice idea and the guy sounds lovely,if I was straight I would be so happy about it!But i'm not going to be all blah I wish I was straight,because I am what I am.But I will be all blah and wish that this guy was a girl that she is trying to hook me up with!But oh well.
Sometimes I wish I was more obviously lesbian so as it wouldn't be such a shocker or suprise to people.I don't think I am a really girly girl.Like when I am with most of my friends I feel a lot less girly than them.Like most of them are barbie doll girly,which I am not.I like make-up,and have long hair and stuff but I am not really really girly,I don't think anyways.I am not butch,but I don't think I would class as a lipstick les either.So yeah I don't know whereabouts I fit in.Oh someone told me I was pretty today.That was nice.That makes me seem arrogant,but I am always so paranoid about how I look that it was nice to be told that.
Anyways this is kind of a longish entry,so I guess I will leave it there.Oh actually I just remembered I lost a disk out of my L word dvd box set.I am concerned about its whereabouts,because I think it got mixed with my sisters dvds...if she watches it it may raise an eyebrow.But I'll cross that bridge if I arrive at it.
Well if you have actually read this mad ramble, thanks.Laterz oasians.


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I totally agree with

I totally agree with you--"sometimes I wish I was more obviously lesbian"--it would make things so much easier because it would end those stupid "do you have a boyfriend, who do you like questions" AND, if its obvious, the people that choose to befriend you don't have a problem with it.

its kinda a tough decision--be out to EVERYONE to avoid those annoying encounters, yet risk being hurt, or continue on letting people assume you're straight

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flying under the gaydar

Hmm how comfortable are you with new people knowing? Dropping it casually in conversation could be a good idea so it isn't made into a big deal. But depending on how open minded your new friends are.. it might not be that easy. The sooner the better though I reckon.. they might have single girls lined up for ya instead if they know the truth ;] Or cut your hair, hehe get the dyke chop. SO many more chicks notice you and even straight people get it.. plus it's hot! :D

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Thanks for the comments

The only problem with mentioning it to the new friends is that I work with them so telling them would kind of be a gamble that everyone at work would know.Most of the guys at work are pretty rude about gays,don't think I could handle the shit I would take for it there at the min.I'll just have to skillfully avoiding their blind dates:P

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