LIT MAG!! *drools*

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I just learned that a couple of teachers at my school are trying to organize a literature magazine! *drools* I might even be able to write for it! I loooooove writing. I'd better go see those teachers tomorrow and ask about it! If they're short of writers, I'll be more than happy to contribute! :D

Today I went to this "Leadership Conference" thing for school. Apparently, only kids who were specially picked by their teachers got to go. It's supposed to have been this thing for "future leaders" to go to and learn leadership skills at. Some of it was boring, but I got free candy! There were some activities we had to do, and most of them were fun. The teachers used candy during the lessons in order to help us learn about teamwork and cooperating with others and such. I was kind of upset about it. (I know that sounds crazy, just let me explain!) I've been trying to eat healthier lately, and I hate it when I get temptation like that. (My mom also said that she's going to take my friends and I out for ice cream on Wednesday. Argh! Hello Mom, I'm trying to lose some weight here!)

I just read the first volume of the manga Death Note. It is freaking awesome! It's about this kid in high school who finds a notebook dropped by a god of death. Whenever you write somebody's name in the book, they will die. The boy decides to use the notebook to rid the world of evil by killing criminals with it, but once the police realize that criminals are suddenly dropping dead all over the world, they immediately begin to investigate who the killer is. I just love the moral ambiguity in here. I mean, is it right to kill these lawbreakers or is it not?

I also read the first volume of the manga Vampire Knights. I only got it from the library because it's about vampires. :D When I was in fifth grade, I was really obsessed with vampires, so I got the book for old times' sake. I love it. It's got a lot of original ideas in it. I really envy the writer for being able to come up with them. :( It's shojo manga, though, (shojo means "girl") and there's a lot of heterosexual romance in it. There's nothing explicit in it; it's all implied so far, but it's still kind of obvious. I mean, come on, I think it's kind of obvious that there's going to be a love triangle between the three main characters, two guys and a girl. But I could be wrong. There are some plot twists in the first volume already that I never guessed would have happened, so maybe the next volume will surprise me. :)

One of the main characters in Vampire Knights, Kaname, is this really feminine-looking guy. (But that's not saying much, considering a lot of guys in manga look feminine. I'm not insulting them, I'm just stating a fact.) God, I wish Kaname was a girl. Then s/he and Yuki, the female main character, could get together and there would be lots of hot lesbian-ness. :D Kaname would make a reeeeeeeeeeally cute girl.

Okay, I had better stop procrastinating now and get on with my homework. Darn it. >.<


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DEATH NOTE! My first manga

My first manga :)
I have up to volume 9. I think 10 came out awhile ago but I haven't gotten it. I stopped watching the anime because they changed ryuks voice and I liked it better the old way so I lost interest.


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zomggg. i fxcking LOVE death

zomggg. i fxcking LOVE death note *squee

I even ordered one of the DeathNote's off ebay and I've got a necklace and everything XD

I've got a friend that looks exactly like Misa Misa.
Though I'm not sure if you've disovered her yet or not :S

*goes and checks out Vampire Knights*