Long time no post

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When I originally joined Oasis, these are the kinds of things that I posted. It seems life really does come full circle.

I just finished watching Jesus Camp. I don't quite know what to say aside from the fact that I've been left with a feeling of complete and utter shock. And also a feeling of wanting to take back the country from the radical evangelicals that have plagued the capitol for 7 years too long. It seems that everyday, for a while now, I have been seeing and learning things about the country and the world that just anger me. They anger me, and at the same time, inspire me to want to do something. I want to do SOMETHING but what? What can I do? I'm working on the water crisis campaign, I vote for those whom I see fit for the task at hand, I try my very best to be civil and gracious and love my neighbor but those things don't seem to add up to the results I'm looking for. My heart is pounding as I type this, my fingers trembling...I'm so angry, I'm so appalled, I'm so frustrated. I don't know what to do, but there's got to be something. There's got to be something that I, that we, can do.