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Tennessee law

The Tennessee law suprised me.
I keep fairly in-the-know with GLBT issues and I never saw this one coming.
It would make life for GLBT teens in Tennessee even worse. It hurts the very teens who need GSAs the most.

That's just horrible.

I decided to take a peek in the closet.
What a suprise to find myself hiding inside!

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The Ricky Martin bit is a

The Ricky Martin bit is a little hilarious.

"Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it just to reach you..." John Lennon

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After reading the story

After reading the story about the law in Tennessee, the most depressing thing was reading the pages and pages of comments from parents, arguing about whether or not they would ever "let their children attend a club with homosexuals", and how GSA's are just another way to promote the "homosexual agenda". One had a link to another story about a high school in Illinois that was, according to them, forcing freshmen into a "gay indoctrination seminar" - here is a quote from the article it linked to:
"In what CWA called a "shocking and brazen act of government abuse of parental rights," the school's officials required the 14-year-olds to attend a "Gay Straight Alliance Network" panel discussion led by "gay" and "lesbian" upperclassmen during a "freshman advisory" class which "secretively featured inappropriate discussions of a sexual nature in promotion of high-risk homosexual behaviors.""
It goes on to quote Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues for Concerned Women for America (Incidentally, does anyone else find it ironic that Barber, a man, would be the director of ANYTHING in a 'Concerned Women's group?), who said ""This goes to the heart of the homosexual agenda... Until DHS and other government schools across the country are made to stop promoting the homosexual agenda, kids will continue to be exposed to – and encouraged to participate in – a lifestyle that places them at high risk for life-threatening disease, depression and spiritual despair..."
People like this make me sick to my stomach. And the worst part is, they'll never even begin to understand how many people they hurt; they think they're doing the right thing. Those parents think they're protecting their children, the "concerned women" (who really set themselves up to be mocked with a name like that) really think they're protecting other people's children, the future generations, the general public, etc, etc...
That's the part that makes me the saddest.