Looooooooooooooooong time,no post.

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Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, I haven't writin in this thing for ages!!!!!! Well anyway,Life is still same old ,same old. The only different thing is that my dad died two weeks ago in a car accident,so life has been really weired without him. Other than that,life's been okay. I've just come back from holiday with some relatives and stuff. It was good. Anyway I'm here and enjoyin the last few weeks of school. Later...


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Yea, we were wondering about

Yea, we were wondering about where you were...
Oh... I'm sorry about your Dad... I hope you're doing ok. *huggs*
But I'm glad to hear from you again *smilzes*
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I'm sorry about your

I'm sorry about your father:( My dad recently passed away, if you ever want to talk just PM me
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Sorry about your dad

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same as duncan man...

been wonderin' "where's the brother at???" lol. Dude, sorry to hear about your dad. that's gotta be hard. Glad you had some fun on your holiday. later.

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Hey man sorry about your dad. But it is good to see you man

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