Loving Annabelle: DVD Review

by StateOfTheOnion

I'll admit it; the only real reason I wanted to see Loving Annabelle, a film focusing on the taboo relationship between a teacher and a student, was for the high hotness factor. Well, the film did deliver in the hotness capacity, but it delivered in so many other ways as well. I was pleasantly surprised to find this film well constructed and, for the most part, very believable.

Annabelle, played by the talented Erin Kelly, is the daughter of an absentee-mother-type who is also a Senator. When she begins attending a Catholic boarding school she quickly makes a lasting impression among the students and the staff.

Annabelle is rebellious, tempestuous, and unapologetic (hot). Ms. Simone Bradley, played by Diane Gaidry, is quite the opposite. She is closeted and very tempered. Despite their differences, the two fall in love with one another. The film explores their relationship but manages to do so without being too preachy in favor of either side of the teacher/student relationship debate.

The only problem with this film is that it does not dig as deep as it could. Most of the characters lack any depth or development. The viewer will fill like they know Annabelle and Simone slightly more than the rest of the characters by the movie's end -- but not really. And the supporting actors are hardly more than scene fillers. Additionally, Loving Annabelle does not explore some of the own issues it raises. I get the sense that the writer ran out of stamina.

Overall, the film is interesting and fast-paced. It is sweet without being corny and sexy without being pornographic. It is worth viewing for its integrity, but there are similar films that are a little bit more fleshed out and developed, such as Lost and Delirious. If the Kinsey Scale were for rating movies, Loving Annabelle would be a 4 out of 6.


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"I get the sense that the

"I get the sense that the writer ran out of stamina.

i cant agree with you on this one. The author is KAtherine Brookes. She's also the director! She's the greatest writtter and i thought the movie was unbelivable!

10/10! lol.... maybe im being biest though...

but i lvoed iit and katherines writting and of course Erin's performance!

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I loved this movie too,but I

I loved this movie too,but I am inclined to agree with the fact that the characters were not developed as much as I would have liked.But as far as I know this was a really low budget film so maybe they couldn't afford to spend more time developing it.I prefered this to Lost and Delirious though.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. I think it's absolutely Amazing and Katherine Brooks is amazing as well. Not every movie can be the way everyone wants them to be because it's impossible to make everyone happy.
The ending could have been better however.

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"The only problem with this film is that it does not dig as deep as it could"

My thoughts exactly!! They basically said "Hey, Annabelle and Simone are in love, but uh, you don't get to see how or why, really." And you're right on character development. You didn't really get an in-depth feel for anything much in the movie.

Ok, but that kiss scene in the pool... hottest kiss scene I've seen in a movie.

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I LOVE THIS MOVIE plsu the chick is super way above hotness

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Loved this movie I went to

Loved this movie I went to see it at The Philly Gay Les Independant Film Festival it was so much fun. Got to meet one of the producers sadly the stars couldn't make it.
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