Luna: Book Review

By Jeff Walsh

Every night, Regan wakes up to find her sibling Luna in her bedroom, standing in front of her mirror. Every night, Luna wears a different dress and talks about her future as she applies different makeup and wigs.

Every morning, Regan has breakfast with the family, and her brother Liam sits there quiet and withdrawn. Only Regan knows that Liam is transgender, that her brother is really her sister.

Luna's name, Spanish for moon, is appropriate given it is the only time of day that she feels whole, not having to pretend to be a boy, which is getting more difficult. She has to use her sister's bedroom at night, because she longer has mirrors in her room, or else she will constantly keep catching glances of the boy she has to pretend to be.

Once again, Julie Anne Peters tells a beautiful tale of identity and longing. The narrator of the book is Regan, but Luna's life is the center of everything, to the degree that Regan doesn't even feel like she has her own life. It seems she is always having to deal with some support or crisis involving Luna, as she wrestles with the decision as to whether she can't live as a boy anymore. It's just becoming too much.

Every member of the family is coming from a place where their intentions are pure, if misguided. And the story always takes interesting turns that aren't predictable. It's another fun, page-turning ride from Peters.

Regan takes us through the story from her perspective, giving us great insight into the pain, torment, and humanity of her brother/sister, as she is the only person who knows about both lives. But the book also shows us Regan's love for Luna and how she's had to sacrifice having one identity in order to help him struggle with having two.


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I love this book and i LOVE

I love this book and i LOVE Julie Anne Peters!!!!!!!

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It actually sounds pretty

It actually sounds pretty damn cool. I'm gonna hafta find it sometime.

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Sounds like a good read.

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