magic shrooms :D

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...are not good for you!!!

hehe. today was a good day.

i went hiking with my dad & my 3 cuzins...took us like 5 hours lol. NO we're not slow...we just had a few distractions...funny distractions lol. i was surprised that i actually made it though lol...YES, i am that out of shape haha.

i got to and from the hiking spot, to mickey d's and to foodland, then to the park and finally home was like mostly the whole day. i lovee'd it. reversing, parking, and going the right way in a parking lot lol.

hehe. but the best part was...STICKBALL...well it was supposed to be baseball but then we had no bat and had only a tennis ball lol. we the whole sport lol.

my body is ACHING. i feel pain in muscles that i never knew i had. & it's only been about 5 hours since we stopped...imagine tomorrow, especially when i have my first lesson for behind-the-wheel in drivers ed....OHMY :|

idk...if that's all i wanted to say. i knew that i had more to say but blah...cannot think too tired. well. if i remember something i'll write tomorrow. but until then i think that's it...

imma join the karaoke party downstairs in a take cares everyone. hope you guys have a good weekend :)

**OH YEAH...DUH *slaps head* we found a magic mushroom. it's supposed to make you "high" and "halluncinate"...something very cool lol. but then my cuzin threw it back :(...i would've had fun with nah nah...oki i go now.**


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The shrooms are not good for you.
Take if from someone who is taking Organic Chemistry and has had many lectures on the subject. Yes, it is natural. No, that doesn't make it safe.
The way people metabolize shrooms is unpredictable, and it can vary from mushroom to mushroom. There is also that problem of misidentification. One bad shroom = dead.
not good
cheers for your cousin
I decided to take a peek in the closet.
What a suprise to find myself hiding inside!

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I wouldn't trust wild mushrooms.

unless you are 100% sure what spores they were grown from, and they have already been split up into doses, they can be very unpredictable, if you don't at the very least cut down some of that.

You should never even consider taking a full dose on your first time out even, much less an indeterminate dose.

There's way more than just one type of magic mushroom, and being able to reliably determine what you are looking at is not something most people should try. All of the different types also have subtly different effects and potencies too.

I loved being able to walk into a store in amsterdam to buy them over the counter. Took so much of the guessing out of the equation.

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