Maybe I'll live to fight crime another day!

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My family is so disfunctional its not even funny. My oldest sisters pot dealer is a junior at my older sister has decided to become a cop...but at least she isn't engaged to the 21 yr old dead beat any more...she's been 18 for almost 3 days little sister turned 13 on the 5th and has been talking to 18yr+ olds through her myspace for months...Because she has her age listed as 17...she's turning into a whore...And thats not really going to change...I might be getting back with my ex...who is currently at the hospital because I CAN'T FREAKING TELL YOU! I am counting days until I am 17 and then 18...I'm failing classes...atleast 2...i'm on acedemic probation at pierce...and I'm starting to fall into my old depression...which doesn't help matters when I have a swim class and I happen to cut...Something is out of place in my own blood disgusts me...and all I want to do is curl up next to Shelby and sleep for about 15 hours...



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That sounds kind of like my life xD
But backwards and without so many siblings.

I hope you feel better in the future.

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If your girlfriend is in the

If your girlfriend is in the hospital for psychiatric reasons and you want to walk to someone, email me.

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That sounds rough Amy.
Take care & good luck with everything...