Maybe I'm nuts!!

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Ok well I have made so many depressing entries this week that I am making one now when I am totaly on a high!!Woot woot!! Well I cleared off some of the stuff that I have to do that was pileing up and stressing me out.
Then I went to a most excellent gig with one of my friends that I haven't seen in so long and missed.I feel like we re- bonded.Cheesy I know,but yeah.On the bus on the way in to the gig I seen a really hot american girl,I know she was american coz I was listening in on her conversation and so caught the accent.Then I noticed she was wearing a rainbow bracelet so maybe she was batting for our team;).
Hmm what the gig there was too girls who were obviously a couple,which may sound a bit stalkerish weird but it was nice to see them just being a couple like all the other hetro couples around.
Ok I can't think of anything else now..and yes I have been drinking so if this makes me sound a bit crazy that is why.
So yeah,life is not fixed,but I am feeling a bit better.


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Yay sounds like things are looking up! Don't worry, I get unnecesarily excited when I see gay couples too!