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Written while thinking of a little transgirl I heard about. May she and all like her be well.


Don't cry, my mermaid
Don't sigh, my mermaid
Let me follow you into the sea
It's going to be alright
You can put your trust in me
I will hold you through the night

Don't scream, my mermaid
Just dream, my mermaid
Someday it can all come true
The scars will fade, the tears will dry
Know that I believe in you
Mermaid, let me dry your eyes

You're not wrong, my mermaid
Be strong, my mermaid
Hold on through the stormy sea
Someday the clouds will be all gone
You can be who you want to be
Mermaid, mermaid, just hold on

They will see, my mermaid
Let it be, my mermaid
Someday it will be okay
Though it feels like endless night
Somewhere there's a break of day
Mermaid, it will be alright


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That one's nice. lol I

That one's nice. lol I *heart* it!
Courage is contagious... be strong, and soon you won't be standing alone.

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I love this! I think it can be applied to anyone who's going through hard times.

"Women in rubber will ALWAYS be flirting with me!" --Maureen in the musical RENT

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Absolutely lovely