mini update

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I'm kinda smiley, I'm sorta out on myspace now and I left a comment on an awesome local queercore band about their music. The lead singer/bassist left me a nice comment back, I know, not really a big deal but for me it was kinda cool. Ok ok yeah they're hot too ;] Can't wait to go see 'em live, it's a while away though!

I'm going to see a local band tonite, Alex is probably coming too. You know, the girl I came out to just a few days ago. I talked to her briefly on the phone yesterday and everything seems pretty normal. I can't bring anything queer up tonite, but if we're on our own, if she doesn't bring it up, I will. Just so we can talk about it openly (the whole point of coming out right?)

Nothing else to post about really.. oh I was in the liquor store the other day and the guy who served me was super friendly. He was young and asked me how old I was "out of curiosity" and then asked me what he should do with his hair. Kinda unexpected so I told him his hair looked fine, he winked, smiled and thanked me. I don't know how I should've taken that.. flirty or friendly? Not that it really matters.. I like friendly strangers though :]


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Thats intresting

Yay on the music stuff.

And I had a smiler thing happen to me with a guy clerk at McDonalds..
But I found it creepy.

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"strangers are just friends you haven't met yet"

... as they saying goes, LOL.
getting questions, smiles and winks from random people can be pretty cool tho... and not assuming that the guy in the liquor store wanted some puss-ay just cuz he's a guy and yor a girl, but ya never know. the next time you go to the liquor store you can throw something unexpected at him like "sorry dude, I like the holes not the poles!" :-O

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Yay,sounds like things are going good.Its just so cool when girls in bands write comments back to ya isn't it;)I understand your excitement!The guy at the liquor store sounds friendly,maybe he thought your hair was cool and wanted some good advice!
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