missing school

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I had my last drivers' training test today, taking me out of school at 11. I got back all the twenty minutes ago, and so of course I'm not going back to school for one goddamn period, so I'm here slurrping up some Ramen that is vaguely beef flavored, mostly cardboard.

I really wanted to watch a movie on Logo, but the current program is a depressing documentary about homosexuals surviving the Holocaust and such. I'm not really in the mood for that, so I turned to online.

I started thinking about Loving Annabelle and how a lot of people rave about this movie. Personally, I think it could've been better. Instead of showing how and why they fell in love it was basically like "Oh hey, they dig on eachother now watch Annabelle chase!" It did have it's good moments [like that kiss in the pool. Hottest kiss I've seen in a movie thus far] but I think it lacked in substance, quite honestly.

I called the girl back last night for the band and am yet to recieve a call. And of course I'm completely anxious to get the call. Patience, I suppose.

I feel like I have more to say, but whatever... if I do it'll probably be in another entry.


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I haven't seen Loving Annabelle yet.. but some gay movies tend to lack plotness. Sometimes if you keep the story but replace it with straight characters, it would turn out to a really ordinary film.

*crossing fingers for ya for the phone call*