monday the 16th

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I have been listening to the new Chevelle album "Vena Sera" constantly. It's not near as good as their others, but it's grown on me. The only break from it I've taken is CDs in the car and a mixed Beatles CD that C made for me.

My crush on C has faltered. There's moments sometimes when I get a subtle urge to hold her hand or kiss her, but it's becoming more scarce. But any desire to be in a relationship with her is absent. Thank God too, that crush was just a waste of time. C's awesome, but seriously, I need someone GAY.

I've been having strawberries on everything since we went on that strawberry picking field trip, my God. Cereal, ice cream, milkshakes, by themselves. I think they're multiplying in the fridge, too. Their population is not decreasing.

Catcher in the Rye is still proving itself to be a very good read. I'm very interested in the writing style; it makes it more enjoyable, definetely.

What the hell, still no calls for band members. I wonder if my ad is even still up...


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Luckyyy... wish my best

Luckyyy... wish my best friend crush would go away :( naw, but good for you! Luck on the finding someone gay, and on band members, and yay for strawberries. And boo for Catcher. Holden is a whiny little emo boy -_-

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