Monterey Trip 1

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Yesterday I returned to C's beach house after spending two days and a night in Monterey.

Our main purpose of going was to check out CSU Monterey with C, but other events included seeing the cemetary near Dennis the Menice Park, the park, and going to the aquarium.

The hotel was wonderful: comfortable bed, nice pool, lots of channels, and a fireplace! Y, C, and I all had to share a kingsized bed, but there was plenty of room. Talking to my mom on the phone she cracked a great joke about how the fireplace would set some ambience.

The CSU campus was nice, fairly new and pretty, however it didn't hold my interest. I don't even know what I want to study anyway. The aquarium was indeed interesting. I didn't know sunfish were that goddamn giant. It was kind of frightening. Along with the other large critters floating around in that particular tank. And thanks to Marine Biology class, I could recognize a few of the sharks and rays.

A few pictures I uploaded on flickr:

left behind

[At C's beach house]

Another post to come soon...


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Nice pix! I love aquatics, aquariums, the sea and all that stuff... I'm a swimmer and a Cancer, what do you expect?
The jellyfish thing in the second pic is freakishly awesome.
The sunset in the last one is gorge!
3 girls in one bed? that sounds squishy... did you cuddle and stuff? XD

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No, we didn't cuddle

No, we didn't cuddle actually. Though my close friends and I get cozy, we don't really cuddle. It was actually pretty spacious, considering.

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That sounds awesome,the pic's look so cool,esp the last one!!3 of you in a bed nice!

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I liked the third pic! Vurry

I liked the third pic! Vurry vurry coolio!


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