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I know there's been a few of these before, but I thought I'd start my own. Anyway, what are everyone's favortie bands? Here are my top 5.
1.No Use For A Name (NUFAN)
2. Millencolin (I'm pretty sure the lead singer of this one is gay, even if he's not out.)
3. Less Than Jake (from my hometown, Gainesville)
4. Greenday (pre-american idiot)
5. Linkin park (for my more hardcore side...)

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Mine... Green Day (all, I'm

Green Day (all, I'm a true fan)
2. System of a Down
3. Linkin Park
4. DragonForce
5. VNV Nation

Hell yeah.

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First of all, to Shenlong -

First of all, to Shenlong - don't be obnoxious. :P What could you possibly be hoping to accomplish by noting that you're a "true fan" of a band when someone else doesn't like one of their albums? Just because a person doesn't like every album by a band doesn't mean they are any less of a fan - they're a perfectly good fan of whatever the hell they like.

Instead of trying to put someone else down because they're not too hot on the newer music from a band, why not try celebrating the fact that hey, you both like their other albums? Nothing against you personally, but really, it's just not a very nice thing to say. :P

Anyways, to answer the original question, it changes a lot, but some bands/artists that seem to stick with me over time...
(in no particular order)
Ben Folds
Vienna Teng
Nine Inch Nails
Sufjan Stevens

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I don't mind the "I'm a true

I don't mind the "I'm a true fan" thing. Whatever he wants to think, but I personally think they sold their souls in american idiot.

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i think ill actually second

i think ill actually second that, greenday was so much better during the earlier albums
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Hey.... STFU n00b. Srsly,

Hey.... STFU n00b. Srsly, get over yourself. I didn't mean it as a putdown, I'm just a dick, so unless you actually want to be effective and say it to me in person, back off. You're prolly the biggest breeder here.

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it changes from week to

it changes from week to week, but right now....
1. Smashing Pumpkins
2. Aimee Mann
3. Sam Phillips
4. some other stuff

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Yeah, mine varies from mood

Yeah, mine varies from mood to mood. As of now, it's:

1. Keane
2. Coldplay
3. Muse
4. The Beatles
5. U2
*6. Emily Haines
I like brit bands more.haha.

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Oh, you just earned soooo many points. Emily Haines is the love of my life.

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anything that is playing on the top 100! and all that 70's 80's stuff! i just live for music. Even if it's piano balads or scream-o -emo.

i LOVE music!

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Five favorite bands? -Raised

Five favorite bands?

-Raised Fist
-Coaltar of the Deepers
-The Mad Capsule Markets
-The Blood Brothers

(Not in any order)

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indie :)

The Dresden Dolls <3 <3 <3
They Might Be Giants
Bright Eyes
Regina Spektor

I am a truly crazy about The Dresden Dolls.
I measure all other bands by them.

I decided to take a peek in the closet.
What a suprise to find myself hiding inside!

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Ohhhhmygod. I LOVE bright

I LOVE bright eyes.
I got a shirt made for with "Kid with the chemicals" on it =]]

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my favorites

Death Cab for Cutie
Broken Social Scene
Emily Haines [love]

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Yeah my list exceeds 5, sorry.

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I used to be really big on

I used to be really big on (rock) bands, but I kinda quit since some fans are so defensive like "Oh, you like them...ewwwwww" and "you suck" and that sort of stuff. People can get so hateful over people's like/dislike of bands.

1. Tatu (russian pop group)

and in no specific order
2. Silverstein
3. Hawthorne Heights
4. My Chemical Romance (before the Black Parade)
5. (I have no clue. I don't listen to a lot of music)

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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1. Tori Amos
2. The Dresden Dolls
3. Garbage
4. Lo-ball
5. ...this is the part where I can't decide between Anna Nalick or NIN.

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oh yay

ok...lets see

The Wallflowers
Something Corporate
Vienna Teng
Natalie Merchant
Vertical Horizon
The Beatles
The Feeling (Thank you Jeff, the cd is amazing)
Ben Folds
Dispatch (RIP)
Sarah McLachlan
Simon and Garfunkel
......that's all i can remember right now. i love music.

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Linkin' Park is hardcore???

uhh, for me it would go somethign like this...

1. in flames
2. Black Label society/ ozzy
3. metallica
4. dio
5. rush
6. zepplin
7. greenday
8. simon and garfunkel
9. creedence clearwater revival
10. bob dylan
11. pink floyd..this should be higher up, but w/e.
12. korn
13. megadeth
14. pantera
15. opeth
16. lacuna coil
17. hell, the list could go on forever, so I'l just leave it w/ what I got down already.

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well right now 1. the

well right now

1. the kooks
2. pink (ok not technically a band)
3. the killers
4. the feeling
5. everclear

--i used to be a tomboy, now im a full grown lesbian--

**you must be the change you wish to see in the world**

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SO many. here's 5:

BOB Marley
Save Ferris
The Donnas

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1. crossfade (the love of my

1. crossfade (the love of my life :D)
2. three days grace
3. breaking bejamin
4. nickelback
5. saliva

Never be afraid to stand up for whats right. If you lose your values, you've lost yourself, so dont let someone change you into someone you arnt. Don't be afraid of the punishment, Rejoyce in the freedom that let to it.

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Top 7

Garth Brooks
Marilyn Manson
Good Charlotte
Smile Empty Soul
Martina McBride
Melissa Etheridge
Alanis Morisette

Ride hard or stay home.

Do they react that way because of who we are or because of your personality?
"I like to think it's me."

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in no particular order.. 1)

in no particular order..

1) sufjan stevens
2) sigur ros
3) regina spektor
4) the weepies
5) eisley

some others are tori amos, the cranberries, modest mouse, sia, and a lot more.

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Oh hell yeah, Eisley rules.

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1. Die Arzte 2. The

1. Die Arzte
2. The Wallflowers
3. Smashing Pumpkins
4. Placebo
5. A Perfect Circle
6. Dos Minutos

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In no real particular

In no real particular order
Billy Talent <33
Chiodos <3
The Spill Canvas <333
Bright Eyes

and 80% of emo/screamo/rock =]
rave music.
lovvvveee it. =]

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1. Death Cab for Cutie 2.

1. Death Cab for Cutie
2. Donovan
3. Andrea Gibson (not really a singer, but still an artist)
4. The Beatles
5. Bright Eyes

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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For me

For me it goes something like this

Three Days Grace
Linkin Park
(select songs from bands like immortal from adema deserver from index case and etc)

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no order

wow, no one really has the same favorites as me...these are in no particular order.

1. Mika
2. Queen
3. The Killers
4. The Cure

I can't really come up with a fifth one....

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The Butchies Team Dresch Le

The Butchies
Team Dresch
Le Tigre
Tori Amos

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sleater-kinney! and tori

sleater-kinney! and tori amos! i love silent all these years.

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My favorite bands are constantly changing. At this moment in time, they are (in no particular order):

Metric (Who can resist Emily Haines?)
The Faint

Who a couple of days, I may have changed my mind about my top five.

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emily haines

"Metric (Who can resist Emily Haines?)"

You rule.

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love Deadlee

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1. John Mayer
2. Norah Jones
3. The Beatles
4. The Kooks
5. The Killers
6. Coldplay
7. Keane
8. Travis
9. Spoon
10. Psapp
11. Miguel Bose
12. Julieta Venegas
13. Jorge Drexler
14. Depeche Mode
15. Moby
16. Death Cab for Cutie
17. U2
18. Radiohead

Well, I could keep going for a long time, I just can't live without music.

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Right now....1. Nine inch

Right now....

1. Tool
2. Alanis Morissette
3. Bright Eyes
4. Dresden Dolls
5. Tegan and Sara

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I could never pick just 5 favorite bands

but I can tell you who i'm really loving right now...Rooney. Check out their songs "When Did Your Heart Go Missing" and "Pop Stars"

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Yay, music!

My six favs are: (haha, I cheated)

Led Zeppelin
Alanis Morissette
Melissa Etheridge

I like really heavy-sounding music, too. I don't know why; I just like it. :D

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something i discovered last week... i'm indie. the indie king at my school called me indie on Thursday. It was crazy... here are some of the bands I like.

This is me Smiling
The Futureheads
Tegan & Sara
Kind of like Spitting
Harry & The Potters
Army of Me
Cobra Starship
The Hush Sound
and sometimes Bright Eyes.


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1. Ima Robot
2. Fishboy
3. The New Pornographers
4. The Flaming Lips
5. Sufjan Stevens

"It could be raining pandas and I would probably just say, 'Hm, wonder if there'll be a rainbow afterwards..'"

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Mainly metal, with randomness

1.Beneath The Sky
2. Job For A Cowboy
3. The Shins
4. Norma Jean
5. Foxy Shazam!

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Bands? No thanks. I'll stick

Bands? No thanks. I'll stick with my loverly showtunes. Haha.

But seriously though, I love showtunes. (I believe I just stated this on another thread, a minute or two ago but... whatever.) Other than showtunes however, I s'pose Switchfoot is cool by me. And one singular CD by R.E.M. (Which happens to be "Eponymous"...) So ja...


Auf Wiedersehen!