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The musical ended today. My school did a production of Anything Goes and today was the last performance. I played harp in the orchestra (it was called and orchestra but it only had 10 people in it so it was more like a band) I'm kinda relieved that it's over and kinda sad but mostly I'm just tired. I had rehersal til 6:00 on monday, rehersal til 9:30 on Tuesday-Thursday, and then the play opened on Friday night. There were 2 performances yesterday and another one today. That's why I'm so tired.
I was in the orchestra for the school musical last year and it was even worse cuz I was younger, had no experience playing in a large group, my part wasn't very intresting, and I had another play two weeks before.
But this year I had an intresting part, the play I was in before this one was in Febuary, and I had some expirience. This year my part had enough notes so that I could actualy get into the music. It was a lot of fun. Even though it was fun, 4 performances in under 48 and being at school till 9:30 almost every night the week before is a little much.
I was in 3 plays this year; one in January, one in Febuary, and the one that finished today. This was the last play for the year. I like being in plays but I'm glad I'm done for the year. They're so tiring and demanding but so fun that I'm already looking foward to next year's plays.