My weekend.

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Well, Easter weekend turned out to be quite fun. I had an 18th birthday I went to on Saturday and it turned out I knew the bar owner and she gave me free drinks. I got extremely slaughtered and I don't remember a good few hours of the end of the night. Whoo!

Sunday I felt fine but didn't really feel up to going out, so didn't. However, my sister did go out. She had 4 friends over and all 6 of 'em went out. They left so sober. She came back so drunk. She stumbled through the garden, put her arms over me like a barrier and kept rambling "Don't you pick on my brother just cause he's gay", which nobody was doing or even attempting to do. Silly cow. She then fell over in the garden, on me. Her friend Dave started rolling a spliff in the kitchen which she then proceeded to partly smoke. Bear in mind my sister is such an anti-smoker/anti-drugs. That's how drunk she was.

Then my sister and her friend Verity and I sat in my bedroom smoking away, and my sister's all like "Why do you have to be gay?" and saying she really wanted a neice and nephew. She started to cry a bit. That kind of upset me actually so I gave her one of my stearn looks and told her to stop drinking. I was pretty drunk too at this point mind you. She ended up holding back the tears and then she sort of stumbled up to bed. Meh.

Monday me and about 13 friends all went to this pub to catch up, as the Easter break has meant people are back from university. Then we all went to another pub, got something to eat. Then later in the evening about 9.30 4 more friends came, by this time there was about 6 of us left. I ended up being the only one who was there from 4pm-midnight lol. Myself and the people who came later ended up discussing all this political crap - euthanasia, gay marriage, what we're doing with our lives, education, immigration. We put the world to rights! lol.

Today I am going to do nothing but watch Lost and perhaps 24. And eat pizza.


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Sounds like an interesting weekend!

Though Lost?That show frustrates me,had to stop watching it.It's just too obscure.24 is noit bad though.mmmm pizza...

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On the bright side, you know

On the bright side, you know that she's protective of you. Though the neice and nephew thing will just take time.

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but it sure as hell can hurt me"

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dude, I totally agree w/ ghost...

lost got too complicated after season one, and even then it was confusing toward the end.

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Sounded like a fun easter! I don't like seeing my sister drunk, or any family members for that matter. You can still have kids.. well not have have but.. you know what I mean (if you wanted to).