no more wisdom teeth....

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so got my wisdom teeth out yesterday..... my right side didn't even swell up which looks pretty ridiculous considering the fact that my left side is really pretty swollen....

so i've been sitting on the couch for the last 24 hours.... boring!!! i haven't been able to even kick a ball or take a run.... i'm going to go crazy! and i have two more days of this!

but in somewhat more interesting news..... i think i am absolutely head over heels for this girl in psychology class..... we started talking a couple months ago and well, i guess i just want to be with her..... she totally sets off my gaydar and is constantly hitting on my best friend.... there's just something about her.... she is so naive, so sweet, FUCKING HOT (sorry, couldn't avoid that one), and so hysterically funny.....

because she comes from such a conservative family i'm sure nothing will ever happen but damn, she's nice to look at.... there's something about the way her pants hang off her ass and.... okay, i will stop right there ;

anyway, i am so excited for college!!!! i leave for preseason in about four months!! i was filling out my housing application yesterday and got so excited.... i had three options for gender.... while i quite enjoy being a female i found it really comforting that there was a trans box for kids.... i am so excited to be going to such a liberal school where i can totally be me and not even have to think about what other students are going to think.... YAY!!!

and that girl i was just talking about? me, her, and our best friends are going out to dinner friday!!!!

and btw, any other seattle area kids going to see sister spit read at elliot bay? i've read michelle tea is great live..... :) :)



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Good luck with the girl, she must be really awesome. I'm sending you wishes that it all works out, and have fun at the dinner :o)
It's kewl that you're going to the Sister spit thing, i bet it'll be great. They're not even coming to Toronto, which is really upsetting :o(
Peace out girl XD