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I spent my Saturday evening/ most of Sunday at C's beach house which resides directly at the beach.

It was high tide, so there was no beach to walk on. If you decended the stairs from the porch waves would knock you up against the cement wall. C, S, and I [as in, me] would sit on the wall and watch the waves crash and shoot up towards us. And S would chuckle all kinds.

This house is a wonderful place to relax; the constant sound of the ocean and the warmth of no buildings in the sun's way. C's room when the family stays there is a big room that has 4 comfortable beds with soft blankets. It's not a large house, and isn't fancy, but it's pleasant none-the-less. It's welcoming.

My crush on C... giving up, completely. All the signs I read into earlier weren't recurring and won't be. My being out has been easier to read into her signs [now I can say things like... "if you were gay..." and she replies "well, sorry, but I'm not"]. I think I made my interest semi-clear by us discussing that there's no one good at our school [boys or girls!] and I said "well, if you turn out gay, let me know and we'll be set." She said she would let me know, but is pretty sure that won't happen.
She loves me as a friend... I love her as a friend... it ends there.

S and C are fantastic about me being bisexual. They are uber supportive and haven't been wierded out at all, and I couldn't be more thankful. And S asked me the greatest question ever... "I have a question, but it's a little personal, can I ask?" Me: "Yeah, go for it." .... "Do you like boobs?"
I think I peed a little on that one.
[I responded "No" btw. Privates are the gnarliest part of any body and do not hold my focus.] I did tell her what I found attractive in girls, though. I should've just used C as an example; she meets about every qualification.
Aside from that, they have been low on questions, but there's been a few and we discussed it for quite a bit of time last night, and it felt really good. They're so comfortable with it, and it's great.

Today, I tell Y.


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OMG! What is it with

OMG! What is it with straight people and asking if lesbians/bi girls like boobs??? My friend asked me that the other day xDD but, yay for you, sounds like things are going well. Congrats, and good luck with Y ^^

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I would just assume lesbian and bi girls like boobs, no?


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I kinda love them.
I mean, i appreciate the entire female body. Boobs are an important, key part. They're beautiful, soft, sexy, a source of pleasure, and most importantly they nourish human life. YAY boobs! :o)

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I would say it's an

I would say it's an legitamite assumption. However, it's not like the mind of a straight guy.