Once there was a rainbow penguin

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Who forgot their e-mail and pw, So they magically turned into a lion months later.

So I've been away. Working working working. I hate not having any time to hang out with my friends. Stupid car payment, I can't even drive.

On another note yesterday I actually did get to hang out with some friends and made new ones too. Their all younger than me but I fit in better with them, if that makes any sense. The new friends I made thought I was fifteen, and they didn't believe me that I wasn't until I showed them my i.d. card. >_<

Its a weird situation to be put into, I am not ready to be eighteen, shit nineteen this year. I know I don't act like it, I'm so incredibly nieav when it comes to things. That and kids these days are so.. I don't know what word I want, their growing up way to fast.

Onto the real reason I'm writing.
I got a note from one of my friends, I've known her for like a year now. It conflicted so much with the way the world works in my mind I didn't know what to do. I'm scared to talk to her about, basically she's saying she likes me, and I know I like her but I just don't know.

Thats never happened to me before ever. I can't figure out what I should do. I know it should be obvious well you like each other go for it. I don't want to fuck up our friendship, its so important to me. Plus she's so much younger than I am age wise. Part of me is like o_0, I'm so confused.

Then there is another factor, if anything does happen. I'm not sure how her mum would take it. Because... Well I dated her older brother last year. I was kind of tricked into it (I didn't know we were going out until a week later when the girl said 'I feel sorry for you being my brothers girlfriend' I was like wtf?) Anyway.. I let it go on to long and I wish I hadn't because in the end I know I hurt him. So then there is that to consider.

-sigh- Maybe I'm just over analyzing.

I finally worked up the courage to talk to her and were going to stay friends.
I'm glad thats over with.


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Just follow your

Just follow your heart.

That's the only advice I can come up with. Good luck and all. :)