parents and freinds

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So yeah this is my first one of these things so here goes nothing ... So i came out to my parents last week..i kno perfect timming dill weed right befor easter anywho..they already knew they just insisted on hereing it straight from me this had been the cuase of many fights and tension between us and last week i finaly gave up and said whatever im a lesbian there you already knew now you know from me ....they go and act all surprised evern they had just been yelling at me so i was just like what the hell you already knew you were just in serios denial so what is wrong with you know what they say ohh we just thought it was a phase you were going throuh....what did we do to make this way... I almost flipped out i was like i didnt chose to be this way and you sure didnt make me this way i was born gay just like you were born straight..........any ways im think im in love with my best friend only she doesnt kno...


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Hello! It sucks your parents didn't take it too well with you coming out.. hopefully they will come to terms with it if you give 'em time. And being in love with your best mate.. yeah who hasn't been there, but that's what Oasis is here for, we're listening so you can get it all outta ya system!