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I finally got a call on the "Band Wanted" ad I put up in Guitar Center. The people already have the band together with written songs and everything and need a bassist. I was sort of hoping to build a band from the ground up. I'm so willing to try it out, though. It's farther than I wanted from my town, but if they're worth it than it'll at least be better than the commute I had with my previous band.

I think they're shooting for a more modern sound, like I am, so there's a thumbs up. And a bonus: the person who called was a girl. I really wanted to be in a band with at least one other girl, just so I had one of my own kind, you know? Hah, yeah. [The last band I was in was all girls and the girl who sings at the end of "Love Actually" was our singer for a while. No joke. She quit not long before we broke up though due to dedication to movie business.] And the girl kind of sounded gay... =]

I hate getting excited for things before anything is solidified, because I still need to call her back and such. Getting my hopes up can lead to disappointment, and I hate that.


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Yay for a) music, b) girls,

Yay for a) music, b) girls, c) musician girls, d) gay musician girls... you get the picture. Luck with the band ^^

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Lol, that's cute ~May the

Lol, that's cute

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD

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hehe awesome dude, let us know how it pans out!

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Sounds deadly!!

hope things work out!

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