red fruit makes a good day

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Today the AP English classes went to pick strawberries. Why, you ask? Because we read the Grapes of Wrath and went to learn about labor and such. Picking those suckers is a difficult task. And I'm so out of shape that that on top on mowing my lawn yesterday has left me with sore muscles in areas that hardly matter. But we got to keep as many flats [or 12 small baskets] as you picked. Strawberry milkshakes, tonight!

A lot of my friends are in AP classes [like C!] so it was cool being able to be with them for this laborous expedition. The beautiful German was also there with her American and we smiled at eachother a couple times.

When we got back to school with our flats of strawberries, younger students were in absolute awe. It was like we were wearing strange outfits or something. We were slightly harrassed. C told somebody to fuck off when they started to reach for her strawberries [not metaphorical!] and C's a sweetheart, but retaliation against stupidity was necessary.

Today has been a good day: earning strawberries, missing out on some school, taking a field trip with plenty of awesome kids, C, smiling at the Haines look-alike.

I messaged the beautiful German [via myspace] two days ago and sent her a picture of Emily Haines and a link to Metric's myspace. She replied saying she knew Metric, just not Emily Haines. Bonus points, beautiful German. [Sometimes I find it strange that I write about my infatuation with someone I don't even know in my journal.]


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Ohh, score one more for you,

Ohh, score one more for you, smiles from hot German girl! Plus strawberries, always a good thing. Picking does get to hurting after a while, especially if what you're picking happens to come from a plant with angry spikes on it, haha. I can't remember if strawberry plants are quite as obvious with their self defense as, say, blackberries (you know, where you leave the field looking as though you've been painfully involved in an incident with something unhappy and clawed, or, I suppose, looking as though you've been painfully involved with a field full of blackberries).
What a kickass field trip. :P Enjoy your well deserved milkshake!

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Yeah strawberries are harmless. Yeah blackberries are vicious, and they're not even up front about it. It's like being scratched by a cat, or getting a papercut. It's only bad in the aftermath.

The milkshake was good, btw. I saved leftovers to go with Cheerios at breakfast.

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Oh, I'm in AP Literature. I

Oh, I'm in AP Literature. I love that class!

Well, sounds like your day was tons of fun. Oh, and like your friend, I'd be pissed off if someone tried to steal my hard earned strawberries. Fun, fun, with messaging your Haines look-alike.

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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I can't wait until fruits start growing out of the earth again... it snowed in Toronto today :o(
That does sound like a very chilled hiskewl trip. You're not wierd for writing about your infatuation with someone you don't even know, all the cool kids here do it. But does the girl have a name? Or are you just going to keep referring to her as "The German"? It reminds me of Sex In The City when Carrie was dating Alexander, and she always referred to him as "The Russian." You might feel less stalker-ish if you called her a human name.

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Yes I suppose, but I try to keep it as anonymous as possible. Perhaps I'll give her a letter name like all my other friends have.

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Odd... I wouldn't consider

Odd... I wouldn't consider picking berries to be a demonstration of "labor."

I mean, Labor would be if you were picking berries from 9am to 9pm and didn't get to keep them and got, like, a nickel for each flat. Think, like, early 1800s factory girls or something.

But maybe I just think that because I really enjoy berry picking?

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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i liked

reading your journal entry because I like strawberries, beautiful Germans are awesome to think about, and well, I too think Emily Haines is super hot.
Hope this wasn't a lame-ass comment.
bye :o)

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No, it wasn't lame. In fact it's awesome because you agree with me that Emily Haines is super hot. I'm pretty much in love with Emily Haines, which has probably appeared obvious.