result on band try-out

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I'm tired.

I got home about an hour ago from trying out that band. The situation was against me in the first place: it was a band already formed, they were farther than I wanted, and they were all older. But I though, oh what the hell, I'll give it a go. They were good, they had an energetic sound and the girl [who was gay, btw] had a unique voice, not to mention they're very talented. However, it's not the sound I'm aimed at. They were more heavy and I want more of an ambient/experimental sound.

Still, I had fun. It was the first time I used my amp and bass for a band purpose, instead of playing by my-goddamn-self in the garage.

Tomorrow is my last day of not having a fucking license. That is, if I pass on Monday.

Eisley is an amazing band. God bless.


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So does that mean you're not

So does that mean you're not interested in the band? Oh, she's gay! Awesome.

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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Yeah, I'm not

Yeah, I'm not interested.
Yeah, good for me for being able to spot it out just by talking on the phone with her [seeing her in person confirmed, of course.] However, she was taken and I wasn't interested anyway.

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It sucks on the band not working out.But yay for spotting that the girl was gay!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Shame that Ontario is nowhere near Cali...

I would totally start a band with you :o) I could do guitar/vox/write tunes.
Good luck finding new muzicians- hopefully female, sexy and hot for the ladies, right? XD

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You'd be quite the candidate. I play bass/write riffs (maybe song songs here and there/ some lyrics (mostly a few lines at a time. It's seriously annoying). Well, I can play guitar and a little drums, but I'm mostly interested in bass.

Anyway, yeah it's too bad =[
Hopefully I will find the female musicians that are hot for the female form, yes, haha

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ooh bummer sorta

Wow, good gaydar for picking up through voice only hey? So Ruby on vocals and guitar, you're on bass and I'll be the drummer. Sweet. We have our very own queercore band.. except you guys gotta come down to Melbourne to rehearse, it's only fair :P

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We'll be like a gay version

We'll be like a gay version of The Like!
Well, ok, but only if you guys come around southern California now and then. Plane tickets to Australia will get pricey, no doubt.