should i believe her?

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Ok so iv known this girl online for about 4 years now, im in the UK and shes in the USA. We've talked online and on the phone for the 1st couple of years, but the past year we talk on the phone everyday and dont IM anymore at all. Its not a relationship, its just a friendship because we're much too far and online relationships aren't my thing. Anyway, so in all that time iv only seen one picture of her, and it was a studio pic. Iv asked to see some more recent ones of her, and shes been saying for about a year now that she will send me some but her comp needs fixing. So i said why dont u post one to me by regular mail, or use a friends comp etc, and she always comes up with other excuses like she can never fit it in because she has all these errands for her step mother etc.

I got into a fight with her about this today as i was like cant u just spare 20 mins to send a picture, and she just said "i dont know i cant promise you il do it today or tommorow but i will do it at some point". Shes been saying this for nearly a year now. I also suggested meeting her, either her coming here or me going there, but she says she cant because of the way she feels about me, she says she has romantic feelings for me and it would be too difficult to see me knowing she cant have me in a more than friends way.

I dont want to doubt her, because she has been there for me and listened to all my girl issues and everything else, but it just dawned on me that after four years of talking, its so strange that iv only seen her in that one pic, and that she doesnt want to meet me?

What do you guys think, is there something 'fishy' going on?

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Quite honestly, yeah sounds

Quite honestly, yeah sounds strange.

But then again, you guys have been chatting for a looong time. I don't know.

Maybe she's insecure about her looks? Seems silly, though, if you guys aren't even concerned with eachother in real life. Hmm, not sure, sorry.

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it seems like there is something a bit strange going on,as the comment above says maybe she is insecure about her looks or something.But yeah definitly sounds like something you should get to the bottom of.

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It does. But it's not like

It does. But it's not like some-creepy-old-guy-is-talking-to-you since youve talked on the phone. So maybe electricity has a point. But you never know. Try asking her what's the problem?


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Interesting but its probably fairly minor, although definetly odd. Fishy but only a small sardine not a whacking great whale shark

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very uncanny. but maybe she

very uncanny. but maybe she doesnt want to let you see her. i mean, what's the connection between she has feelings for you and you meeting her?? hehe.

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