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Dinner went really well at my place on Easter as I said.

It did me good to see Jerry enjoying my family and laughing with my mom and brothers. Sometimes you get the feeling that you are all there is and it helps to see someone enjoy the company of others. I am not egotistical enough to think that I am all there is to Jerry but what I mean is, we hardly ever are with anyone else but ourselves. I think you only get to know someone when you see them candidly interacting with other people.
Being half Korean, Jerry really took the Virginia Tech murders hard. We all understand that people are people and that it could have just as easily been an American or anyone.
Jerry an I hope to have some time this weekend but I have a paper due on World War II Monday so I will have to work on that some also.


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I'm glad that he had a good

I'm glad that he had a good time woth your folks. That's awful what happened, and I'm sorry Jerry's taken it hard. But you're right, it could have been anyone. Hopefully he'll remember that. Make sure to tell him, eh? I'm sure you have. Good luck.

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