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My dorm smells like burnt toast, specifically my end of the hall, my room. Burnt toast, funkified burnt toast.

Gave my philosophy presentation today, completely blanked even though I had all my notes and tons of info in front of me.

My birthday is Sunday.

Finals are all soonish and stressy. I also have to figure out how to get all of my things out of the dorm and where to store them this summer. So much to do and so few resources.

I'm going to sleep and make up for the grand total of four hours I've gotten in the last two days.


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Its finals for everyone coming up.... so here is a BIG hug. it seems to make everyone cheer up a little...

my sleeping hours have consisted of be skipping a class every morning, i really need to go to the class on monday too because i think i missed a test. oops...

get some sleep you need it