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So this permanet happy phase is still going strong...Tomorrow will be two weeks...And it feels like...2 months. Shelby and I have so much fun together that everything seems like it would be more entertaining to have her there...She spent the night of Friday...This time she kept me up until 3 am, unlike last time when I kept her up. We can do the stupidest stuff together, and it always seems so...adventurous...She taught me how to flip a we sat and flipped a coin back and forth for an hour...and made corny jokes about being that guy from the katate kid movies...Because I can be totally not paying attention and snag a dime out of the air...We do stupid lame things together and it's enough to be content...We just talk for hours and steal kisses...
We're going through the week in rewind...
Wednesday, we had a half day at school so I went home with Shelby after school...And nobody was home for the majority of it...Until her mother got home and wanted to talk to us both about our 'relationship'. heart hit the floor and then bounced back to lodge itself in my throat, rendering me speachless. It wasn't the scariest thing ever, but I don't want to repeat the experience of talking to her mom anytime soon...It was the usuall "make the right choices and discontinue that behavior because I don't want to have to limit the contact you two have" speach. So we just sat there, hearing her...but not really listening...We don't even go into th part where Shelby and I are already dating and way more than friends because thats what her mom is chalking it up to...That we are just confused teenagers who are discovering who we are...Umm...I've known who I was since I was 10...I think by now, when I'm almost 17, I know that 1. I like girls, 2. I like sleeping with them and 3. I have nothing to fear from my parents because they know it too! Which was her other threat, to call my parents and speak with my mother. Who already knows that I'm dating Shelby...Because my mother is like that...She knows me...And her and I sat in the parking lot of Safeway on Thursday and talked about it for a half an hour. Talking to my parents, because Shelby kissed me is not going to get her very far. And I resent being treated like a child...Which was her goal...It was all a very subtle way of saying that she doesn't want Shelby seeing me...I'm viewed at the cause of this I'm sure...It had nothing to do with Shelby and everything to do with me. It was her way of saying don't you dare corrupt my poor innocent daughter. And Shelby is neither a poor thing or innocent...Trust me, I spent all of Friday night and into Saturday morning kissing her...It's just frustrating...Because it shows that she doesn't respect me or Shelby enough to treat us as adults...I've had my friends parents talk to me about a number of things, serious or not, before and the majority of the time, they respect me enough to meet me at the table so to speak and act like a grown up. Not so with Shelby's mother...Shelby is so mad at her...The mad where there are no words only tears...I've been through is before with my parents...And they were able to sit down with me and treat me like an adult...And I was 13 at the time...Shebly will be 16 in August and her mother obviously doesn't trust her...I hate seeing Shelby that upset though...And theres not a whole lot I can do except hold her in my lap and sing songs in her ear and try to make her happy again...We're already so transparent to each other...We can tell when the other is upset...Some of the things that Shelby and I talked about Friday night...led us in the direction of the future...But nothing farther than hoping that the other is around in it...No promises...But we're so happy...And I'm catching up with the Japanese...Because she's taken 2 years of it in school...and I've had 2 weeks of her telling me random words...Wednesday night was our choir concert...And because all of our friends already know...we are the cute couple...And in a way, we're tying together different groups of people, her friends that were already my friends and then seperate friends for both of us...I almost need to draw a venn diagram to make it understandable...Next week is The Day of Silence...In the middle of WASL not good timing...But theres nothing I can do about that...I'm not quite sure what we're doing yet...We're last minute people...I have a life for once...My youth advocate, Summer is proud of me...Next weekend...I'm going up to Seattle for Cherry Blossom Festival with a club at school which happens to have all my friends in it...And the week after is Millitary Ball...which I got asked to...Everybody wants to spend time with Amy...Maybe it's the never ending smile...Who knows...But I'm happy at last...



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Glad to hear the

Glad to hear the relationship is going well! However it sucks you're having a shitty time with the parents. But try to stay strong through it and don't let them run you down too much. They can't keep you from being yourself