the day I got my license

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I went to Santa Paula for the more lineant staff that had given a license to a girl who when told to turn left turned right. [Yeah, she's pretty bright.] To get my license, in case that wasn't known. And I got it. I made all the six errors for shit like going below speed limit [because I didn't know what the fuck it was!], for not backing up all that fanastically [or whatever, I think I did ok], and for almost getting hit from someone cutting the corner because I wasn't as far over to the right as need be.

So, in short, I did well, got my license, mom is relieved, and I have more freedom.

I was walking in Ralphs to get my mom a cake [it's also her birthday!!] and I felt older. I took my first trip alone in the car and was like... damn, since I was little I told myself I couldn't wait til I got my license, and just wait til you get your license, self. And now that I have it's like... self, you've grown up! I don't know, it's a trip.

So my mom took me out of school to do that and to spend the day with her. It was her 54th birthday. [I love my mom. Best friend.] We shopped a bit here and there and came home and watched Logo [specifically True Life "I'm Out" and the Glaad Media Awards, or some of it]. I love that I can do that with mom. She watches it on her own somtimes.

At dinner we talked about the possiblity of dad being gay. I think maybe I'll save the full topic for later, but I wish dad was gay.

Oh, and about the Glaad Media Awards... how the fuck did "Brothers and Sisters" win for best drama with the smallest plotline of gays out of all the other shows such as South of Nowhere and the L Word. WTF. Yeah, f you "Brothers and motherfuckingSisters."

I'm way tired. Whoa. God bless my independence!


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Hahaha lucky, lenient staff!

Hahaha lucky, lenient staff! :D
Grats on the license, and happy birthday to your mom ! :)

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Hey, well done! Now go and run some people over!

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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Good advice

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ur mom's ur best friend? so cute. so the opposite of my life.
Yah... L Werd is like the gayest, most lesbionic show ever.