There Is No Such Thing As Bad Music.

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That being said, I'm curious as to what great music is floating around that I'm completely unaware of. I saw a thread on a forum a while back about "Songs that Changed Your Life", which seemed a little dramatic to me, so I'd rather just go with... songs that are just plain good. So, if you find yourself with a couple minutes...
What are some of you guys' favorite songs? What do you like about any given song that you'd reccomend to others? If there's a story behind why you like it, feel free to share, or if you don't have the time/motivation/energy/stable internet connection for long enough to write anything, just tossing out a song and the artist is fine.
Any genre, any language, from anytime.
A few that have been stuck in my ears lately...
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Wisdom
Sufjan Stevens - For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti
Eels - Novacaine For The Soul
Incubus - Idiot Box
Nine Inch Nails - Only
Maná - En El Muelle De San Blas
and, with this username, how could I not? South - Paint The Silence.
Let me know, guys. Music is good stuff. :)

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Yeah. so true. music is

Yeah. so true. music is life. it's everything. there's mostly always a song for an event in life. good and bad. music is just music. i lovee' it!

here's some of my songs;

All About Us; T.A.T.U
Bakit Pa Ba; JayR
Beautiful; Jim Brickman/Wayne Brady
Because I'm A Girl; KISS
Fallin'; Janno Gibbs
Forget You; LAX
Hate (I Really Don't Like You); Plain White T's
Hey Mister; Custom
It's Not Over; Chris Daughtry
Jaded (These Years); Mest
Like A Rose; A1
My Last Serenade; Joey Moe
Nanghihinayang; Jeremiah
She's Everything; Brad Paisley
Stay The Same; Joey McIntyre
The Right To Write Me Off; Amber Pacific
Time To Grow; Lemar
Wait For You; Elliot Yamin
Whiskey Lullaby; Brad Paisley/Allison Krauss
With A Smile; South Border

hehe. yeah i know kinda long. i have more on my iPod but i don't want to put everything on here lol. but here's some of the songs i have and the mix of genres.

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my favorite music would be silence

And im not kidding. seriously, silence makes me hear the things and thoughts that i would not normally hear with sounds and music everywhere.haha. but anyway, here's some of my favorite songs:

songs by keane:
we might as well be strangers
somewhere only we know
crystal ball
everybody's changing

songs by coldplay:
the scientist
fix you

songs by imogen heap/froufrou:
hide and seek
goodnight and go
breathe in

songs by muse:
a soldier's poem
our time is running out
supermassive blackhole
the map of the problematique

that's basically it: my favorite singers/bands and my favorite songs.

"I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me... but it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. "- Lester Burnham, American Beauty

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i think you and john cage

i think you and john cage would get along quite nicely.
look it up if you havent already.

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hehe. i know john cage and

hehe. i know john cage and his 4 minutes and 33 seconds. very neat indeed.haha

"I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me... but it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. "- Lester Burnham, American Beauty

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Kudos on Muse. Map of the

Kudos on Muse.
Map of the Problematique is definetely one of my favorites by them. [Most of those are off their new album, I see, which owns the others I've heard.] Hysteria is another favorite of mine by them. And Stockholm Syndrome.

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artists you NEED to know

artists you NEED to know about"

DJ Spooky
Aesop Rock
Frou Frou
The Bravery

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try classical music

Before you start thinking I'm even crazier than I am listen to some of the famous classical music (Brandenburg Concertos, The Four Seasons, etc)with an open mind and you might find that you like it. I love stuff like that. One CD that's really good but not too famous is The Essential Harp by Sara Bullen. I love all of the songs on that CD escept for the 3rd song. I have a goal to learn all of the songs on that CD which might be kinda hard since there's 30ish songs but I've already learned 3 and they're some of my favorite songs.

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Hmmm.. My favorite songs

Hmmm.. My favorite songs would probably be:

There's "Bachelorette" by Bjork. I adore that song. (Bjork is a genius. :D )

Pachelbel's Canon, Classical stuff. I've always adored that piece.

Ensei composed by Kajiura Yuki (another genius.)

Kopperia no Hitsugi, the opening theme to Noir. (It's wild. I love it.)

Yeah, I like a lot of stuff. But these are probably my favorite favorites. XD

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Omfriggingod I love Kopperia

Omfriggingod I love Kopperia no Hitsugi!!pppp;p-p- shit my "p" key was sticking...bleh.


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"I'm Only Sleeping" -- The

"I'm Only Sleeping" -- The Beatles
"You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" -- The Beatles
"Strawberry Fields Forever"-- The Beatles
"Imagine" -- John Lennon
"Working Class Hero" -- John Lennon
"Nocturne in D-minor" -- Chopin
"Breathe Me" -- Sia
"When Doves Cry" -- Prince
"Kiss" -- Prince
"Rocket Man" -- Elton John
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" -- Elton John

There's my short and inconclusive list.

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I'd have to say "Not Gonna

I'd have to say "Not Gonna Get Us" and "All the Things She Said", which are both by the sexy group T.a.T.u. When I first started to realize my sexuality, these songs put my feelings to upbeat music and great lyrics that I enjoyed. Yeah, pretty sappy, but I love it.

My love for you, always forever
Just you and me, all else is nothing
Not going back, not going back there
They don't understand,
They don't understand us
-"Not gonna get us"

And I'm all mixed up, feeling cornered and rushed
They say it's my fault but I want her so much
Wanna fly her away where the sun and rain
Come in over my face, wash away all the shame
When they stop and stare - don't worry me
'Cause I'm feeling for her what she's feeling for me
I can try to pretend, I can try to forget
But it's driving me mad, going out of my head
-"All the Things She Said"

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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Heh, really? Never heard

Heh, really? Never heard their music in my life, my lesbian friend just proposed the tatu test for straight/gayness... and hey, it was right! (Seriously, google image them.. sheeeeesh!)

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mine mainly change every

mine mainly change every week, but here are the few that have stayed in my heart:

Amy Winehouse-Rehab
Amy Winehouse-Love is a Losing Game
Bob Dylan-Only a Pawn in their Game
Bob Dylan-Blowin' in the Wind
Damien Rice-Cannonball
Bright Eyes-Waste of Paint
Bright Eyes-Lua
DCFC-I Will Follow You Into the Dark
DCFC-Passenger Seat
Dresden Dolls-Sing
Gregory & The Hawk-I'm Your Puppet
HelloGoodbye-In Your Arms
Gym Class Heroes-So long Friend
Jimmy Eat World-Hear You Me
Modest Mouse-Blame it on the Tetons
Modest Mouse-The World at Large
Peter Gabriel-Digging in the Dirt
Tony Bennet-The Way You Look Tonight
The Feeling-Sewn

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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High five on DCFC "Passenger Seat." It is a beautiful song, and one of my favorites by them.

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you have to hear

Duke Special-"No Cover Up"
At the moment it is my favourite song.I just think the melody and lyrics are simply beautiful.Have a listen you wil find it on youtube.

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I just like most everything.

I love Sufjan Stevens his songs are so full of emotions. I feel silly saying that.

Modest Mouse is great, especially now that Johnny Marr is in the band.

I really like Destroyer right now, if you like The New Pornographers you will love Destroyer.

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'Hm, wonder if there'll be a rainbow afterwards..'"

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I'm mostly

I'm mostly showtunes/choral/classical geek myself. My faves:

Water Under the Bridge (from Unsung Sondheim)
Ballad of Sweeney Todd, especially the last one
I Believe (Spring Awakening)
Dvorak symphony 9, movement 4
Mozart symphony 40, movement 4
Native American Prayer (Nolan Schmit)
All of Me (Jon Schmidt)
Piano Man (Billy Joel)
Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton)
He's a Pirate (PoTC)
^Among others. Then Iris, She's Always a Woman... various other things I've picked up from friends, esp. the one I've been crushing on forever... But, yeah. Music is good. If you want me to e-mail/link you to some good music, just drop me a line... always want to share music!!! And check out while you're at it. -- go to the second track here, it's so prettyyyyyy ^^

Life is short: make fun of it.

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Oh, and Rent. I love all the

Oh, and Rent. I love all the music on it. Such a great soundtrack.

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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I'm listening to a lot of musicals these days

Spring Awakening, Rent, Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

The soundtrack to Shortbus is also _awesome_
Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

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I think

I think my name says it all

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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the verve pipe....

the first girl who really ever made me fall head over heels gave me this song -- the freshman by the verve pipe.... they were a one hit wonder back in the mid 90's... the lyrics are so perfect for the relationship we had though.....

"can't be held responsible... she fell in love in the first place... can't believe we would die for these sins.... we were merely freshman..."

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paintthesilence, big kudos

paintthesilence, big kudos on Incubus "Idiot Box." That is off my favorite Incubus album.

The few songs that rank as absolute favorite [currently, anyway, it changes from time to time]:

"Minerva" by the Deftones
"A Crow Left of the Murder" by Incubus
"Beating Hearts Baby" by Head Automatica [even though I'm not a frequent listener to the band.]
"7/4 Shoreline" by Broken Social Scene

I love music so much though, I could list a bunch of songs that I love. Those are top-ranking though.

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Ok so here's my list (some

Ok so here's my list (some of these are repeats of what other people have but oh well)
Beating Heart Baby --Head Automatica
Starlight --Muse
Wow, I Can Be Sexual Too --Say Anything
Intergalactic --Beastie Boys
Sewn --The Feeling
Disconnected --Ima Robot
I Don't Want To Get Over You --The Magnetic Fields

hm..grr that's all I can think of right now.


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Thumbs up on Beating Hearts

Thumbs up on Beating Hearts Baby.
Muse is tight, for sure. Their new album is pretty down.

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managed to get a hold of the

managed to get a hold of the album with beating hearts baby on it, since two of you recommended it (am trying to find all the others I haven't heard of, but went for that first since it was a double).
I'm kind of addicted to Please Please Please (Young Hollywood) now, hahaha. Thanks. :D

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Haha, oh no problem. "I Shot

Haha, oh no problem.
"I Shot William H Macy" is a good one too. And "Dance Party Plus." I haven't listened to that album in so long.
Really, "Beating Hearts Baby" owns all

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What ive done-- Linkin Park

What ive done-- Linkin Park although it changes by the day

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At current, I'm listening

At current, I'm listening to:

Diabolical - Mindless Self Indulgence
StarFuckers Inc. - Nine Inch Nails
Mine For Life - The Sounds
Satellite - Guster
Don't Wake Me Up - The Hush Sound
Volcano (Instrumental) - Damien Rice
Nancy Boy - Placebo (I swear, it's not all about drugs. And sex. Just most of the time)
Stand Inside Your Love - Smashing Pumpkins

And several others that I can't bring myself to mention on the internet, because I'm ashamed of them.

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Bad music!!!

Okay, I wish to dispute the title of this thread, I think I've found bad music.

SexyBack. 'Nuff said ^^

Life is short: make fun of it.

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My bad


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here's a few of my favorites

here's a few of my favorites as of late:

in flames: reflect the storm, come clarity, versus terminus, pacing death's trail, TAKE THIS LIFE, our infinite struggle-Many, many others by them, a great band, u should check 'em out.
Metallica: fade to black, one, for whom the bell tolls, frayed ends of sanity, blackened, and justice for all, no remorse, the four horsemen, eye of the beholder, sad but true, the unforgiven, nothing else matters, call of ktulu, trapped under ice, a few more I can't remember.
Ozzy Osbourne: crazy train, bark at the moon, NIB, war pigs, and others.
Devildriver- pretty much the entire album fury of our makers hand
Opeth- the grand conjuration
dimmu borgir
roadrunner united- blood and flames; roads
Amon Amarth- Valhall awaits me
BLS- suicide messiah and fire it up
dio- heaven and hell, dream evil, rainbow in the dark
Rush- subdivisions and free will
hurt- falls apart
3 Days Grace- animal I have become, pain, I hate everything 'bout u
Linkin park- numb
megadeth- die dead enough.

well, those are the ones I can think of I listen to alot.

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