Thou shalt always kill

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I love this..


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Oh. Man.

Oh. Man.
"Thou shalt not wish your girlfriend was a freak like me"


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My frenemy (girl at my

My frenemy (girl at my school who was a friend of mine until she fell out with my other friend and now no longer talks to either of us, because I am guilty by association) got Scoobius Pip to write the horiscopes in her zine. Some of them were actually amazing.

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Was amazing.

Completly amazing.


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That was cool and worth the time spent.

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these people deserve a bigger fanbase.

i like this so much more than the streets.
Putting the HEAD back into Hedonism

It's cute how you believe in things. - Slither

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that was so awesome Never be

that was so awesome

Never be afraid to stand up for whats right. If you lose your values, you've lost yourself, so dont let someone change you into someone you arnt. Don't be afraid of the punishment, Rejoyce in the freedom that let to it.