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Yeah so i just got finished with my night of tolo (is like a dance where girls pay for everything and you dress up like twins) so i wasn't planning on going but then last night was Night of Noise and so I went to Gameworks in Seattle to party it up...though since i'm a pansy i didn't really try and meet anyone because as i mentioned in my last post i'm kinda really interested in this guy who's incredibly hot and sweet and talented and i don't see why he'd go out with me but we'll just have to see. yeah um if you can't tell i'm really tired right now so when i'm tired i write in stream of consciousness...yeah. anyways so i drove my friend rachel to night of noise and it was really fun. we played all the games and chatted a bit. but in the end we realized that it really wasn't out scene so we decided to go see a movie. (land of women btw and it was excellent) so basically throughout the entire experience we really bonded and just opened up about everything in our lives. it really was amazing, so then she asked me to tolo because it was her goal this year to go to every school dance. so although i was initially hesitant i decided to go because i'm tired of staying in my box. so because we're totally awesome we decided to go as Will and Grace (i'll post a pic on myspace for alls you that have me) and that was funny because we were the most dressed up people there since i was wearing a suit. so anyways we got really bored because we didn't want to dry hump because that's not my least not with a girl...and only with a guy i like. ooo but beforehand we went to azteca (which is like a mexican food place) and had a great meal. but what was funny was that at the end it turns out some guy at the bar picked up our check. yeah so i was like wtf??? but it turns out that it was the husband of this woman that rachel and he mother had met when they were delayed for like 6 hours coming back from disneyland. so i was like yay i don't have to pay. so yeah then we went to the dance and got disenchanted with it but we made up for it by coming up with the genius idea to have a leonardo di caprio marathon, so we rented the departed, basketball diaries, and blood diamond but only ended up watching basketball diaries because it was like 1:30AM when it finished. anways so yeah i've had lots of fun the past two days and now i'm really tired so i'm gonna go to bed and yeah...night.


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Sounds cool

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don't sell urself short man...

he might go out w/ you...ya never know, right? sounds like u had fun @

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