Uh. Girls are wierd.

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Jeez. Okay I hope this doesn't sound like I'm really up myself or anything... but ok recently there was that girl which I posted about who I think liked me. Well now there's this other girl. Oh jeez. Okay so apparently we talk sarcastically to each other all the time. And I have a feeling she likes me but I cannot tell if she's just being sarcastic or if she's actually serious. I hope I'm not leading her on or anything. Then today in our sarcastic conversations she dropped a line saying "Go out with me Max" Then I was like "NEVER you're not manly enough for me!". Then she did a broken heart smiley thing and called me a sexist then stopped talking to me. I think she's angry at me or something. Oh wtf she knows I'm gay so I thought she was just being sarcastic and stuff but it seems like she might be angry at me because I keep failing to acknowledge she likes me. This is wtf. For once I think girls are really confusing. If they really do like me just FUCKING tell me so I don't have to feel bad for pissing them off or doing something that I don't even know I did.


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Don't ask me!

I can't figure 'em out for myself, and my damn driver's license accuses me of bein' one of 'em.

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Just carry on

They can't accuse you of ignoring things if they don't tell you what said things are. Just remember that. And don't worry, nobody understands girls. Or if someone does, they're not telling, the bastard.

Do I shock you darling?
-Sally Bowles, Cabaret